How to Make A Topper Bow

Today I am going to teach you to make this cute topper bow. I’m calling it a topper bow because people use them to put on top of a stacked bow (which I will be doing a tutorial for soon). But, you can also use them on their own. I think they are really cute for small babies on a soft lace headband. Or even on snap clips or little barrettes for your girls.

Topper Boutique Bow

You will need:

A piece of ribbon (this one is 7/8″ wide by about 22 ” long–but I probably only needed about 15″ or so)


String or thread (I think this is crochet thread)


Take the right end of your grosgrain ribbon and loop it up over the tail, then twist it at a right angle and come back down onto your ribbon tail. Sound confusing? Hope this picture helps :)

Adjust the loop to whatever size you think you will need. I think each of my loops ended up being about 1.5″ in diameter. I needed it to go on top of a 4.5″ bow, so I want it to be somewhere around 3″-3.5″ across.

Now take the left tail of your ribbon and bring it down under the ribbon strip. Twist and lay the tail right up next to the other one like so:

Play around with it, get the loops about the same size. Once you are happy with the size of your bow, lift it all up, careful to hold it in place. Then scrunch the center of the bow together with an accordion-like fold.

I had to do this part about 12 times before it turned out right, so be patient and just keep trying til it works :)

Wrap the string around the center of your bow tightly securing it together. Once you have what you think is enough to keep it together, tie a knot to keep it that way.

Trim off the excess string and ribbon and shape the ends of your bow the way you want them. You will need to heat seal them to keep them from fraying. I didn’t do that for the purposes of this tutorial because I didn’t have a lighter handy. But, you will be sorry if you skip that step, trust me.

If you are using this for a topper on a stacked bow–you are done. If you like this bow on it’s own and want to finish it to put on a clip, headband, or any other little accessory, go ahead and hot glue a piece of 3/8″ coordinating ribbon around the center to finish the bow. Then you can attach it to whatever accessory you like. Easy peasy!

**Note**This bow is the 5th piece in a 6 part series that ends in a stacked bow tutorial. The other pieces in the series are:

Step 1: Lined French Clip

Step 2: Boutique Bow

Step 3: Loopy Surrounder Bow,

Step 4: Layered Spikey Bow

Step 5: Topper Bow

Step 6: Putting it all together Stacked Bow

Thank you for stopping by to look at this tutorial today. And stay tuned for the stacked bow tutorial that combines several of these bow tutorials!  It will be published on the 18th of May!!

Don’t forget that these look darling attached to an alligator clip and slipped through a crochet headbandBaby Headbands have never looked cuter!

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