Tutorial: Loopy Surrounder Bow

**Note**Just so you know, before I get started with this tutorial, this will be a part of a 5 post tutorial series ending with a stacked bow using 4 different bows all secured together. I’m telling you this for this one because it looks a little silly on it’s own. Although, if you were to add embellishments, it could be pretty cute, depending on how big it is. Anyway–let’s get this party started!

Today I’m going to teach you to make this loopy surrounder bow. The loops on this bow are meant to surround another bow from behind just for a bit of added interest.

You will need:

2 Strips of 3/8″ ribbon (mine are about 13″ long, but cut them longer than you think you need just in case. I almost didn’t have enough.)

Ruler (for measuring the diameter of your loops)


Hot Glue Gun and Stick (not pictured)


Start by measuring the bow that you are going to use this as a surrounder for (if that is what you are using it for :)). My bow was about 4.5″ wide. So, I want my surrounder to be about 5″ wide. That means my loops need to be about 2.5″ in diameter each.

Now, take your ribbon and bring it up and twist it around to make a loop on the right end of your ribbon piece. Like this:

Measure the loop to make sure that you have about the right diameter that you need adjusting your ribbon out or in until you have it just right.

When you are comfortable with the size of your loop, use your hot glue gun to glue it in place.

Now do the same thing on the left end of your ribbon strip. You can probably just eye this one out and approximate the size of your loop to match your other one.

Trim off the ends and heat seal them with a lighter when you are done to keep it from fraying–you will be sorry if you skip the heat sealing step. Your ribbon can fray and unravel leaving you with a messy unfinished looking bow. I didn’t do it for the purposes of this tutorial because I didn’t have one on hand, but rest assure, it will be done before I use this piece.

Make another one. Again, you can just approximate the size based on your other side now.

Once you have two of them, hot glue them together in the center.

Here is the view from the front:

And the back view:

I think if you made it just a bit smaller and put a shamrock button or something in the center, it would be a way cute little hair clip all on it’s won as well

**Note**This bow is the 3rd piece in a 6 part series that ends in a stacked bow tutorial. The other pieces in the series are:

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Step 3: Loopy Surrounder Bow,

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Step 6: Putting it all together Stacked Bow.

Thanks for stopping by–and check back over the next week or so to see the stacker bow all put together! It’s super cute and fun!

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