How to Make a Pony-O

With summer coming, lots of kids, including girls, will be playing a lot of different sports. So, I thought it would be fun to show you how to make these pony-o holders for ponytails since we like to have our hair up during sports, right?  They are also great for cheer and cheer leading.

Plus, this is a really great project for using up a bunch of old scraps. Or, you can make a bunch for your daughter’s whole team if you buy ribbon!

Excuse the messy hair–I only had myself for a model today :)

Cheer Pony-OYou will need:

Cheer Pony-O SuppliesScrap Ribbon pieces

Elastic Pony Holder


Needle and Thread

Glue Gun and Stick (not shown)


Start by cutting your ribbons all about the same length however long you’d like them to hang. If you want them to vary in length, you can trim them up after you are done.

Now, stack your ribbons however you want them to look. I put my wider black ribbon on the bottom then stacked them up according to width. But you can do it however you like.

Gather your ribbons in about the center–you don’t have to be perfect. Just approximate.

Take your needle and thread and sew a basic basting stitch down the center of your ribbons making sure to catch them all in there at least once. This will just make sure that when your little girl is wearing this, the ribbons won’t slide out or become uneven.

Once you have pulled your thread through, you can take the needle off. Or you can use it to aid in tying. I tend to poke myself, so I take it off :)  Leave some tails on each side of your ribbons with the thread to use for wrapping.

Now fold your ribbons down the center accordion style, like so:

Wrap the thread around the folds until you feel it is fairly secure.Don’t tie off yet though.

Now hot glue your ponytail holder to the backside on the center of your ribbon bunch being careful not to get hot glue on your ribbons like I did :(

Wrap the thread tails around the ponytail holder and ribbons just to help secure it a little bit more. When you’re comfortable that it is good and secure, tie the tails together in a knot or two and snip the leftover ends off.

Take a scrap piece of ribbon (for wrapping around the center of your pony-o, and tie a knot in the center. I tied two because my ribbon was small.

Hot glue the knot to where you want the front top of your pony-o to be. Then trim the ends however short they need to be to wrap around the pony-o and elastic ponytail holder. Hot glue the ends around the center of your pony-o holder.All that’s left to do now is trim up your ends however you want them. You’ll want to heat seal those lightly with a lighter or other heat source to keep them from fraying as well.

Some people add rhinestones or other fun little things by hot-gluing them to your ribbons too. Make it yours!

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  1. You are so cool! I don’t feel I have read through everything like this before. So good to find someone with some original ideas on making hairbows. Many thanks.

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