Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial

Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial from Always Under Pay!
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Materials Needed:
Wire Garland in your choice of styles/colors
Curling Ribbon in your choice of styles/colors
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial Supplies

Step One:
Measure your first piece of wire garland around the intended wearer’s head. Or, if you are making multiples, just find someone close in age to the intended recipients age range (no exact science over here lol). I used a styrofoam mannequin head for this tutorial.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Two:
Cut your wire garland about 1”-1.5” longer than you need it to be. Cut 3-4 pieces in your color preferences.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Three:
Twist the ends of the wire garland together to make a circle/halo.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under PayWire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Four:
Cut some pieces of curling ribbon. These will be the curly pieces hanging down the wearer’s back. You’ll need to cut them about 3” longer than you really want them because you will be curling them in a later step, and that tends to shorten them quite a bit.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay
Step Five:
Fold the cut pieces in half and make a loop. Slide the loop under the halo pieces. Then, bring the longer pieces up and through the loop. Pull tight to secure to your halo.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under PayWire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Six:
Tie a bow with your curled pieces if desired. I love me a pretty bow! I tied mine in a double knot so that it wouldn’t come undone later.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Seven:
Use the scissors to curl your curling ribbon pieces up a bit. I’m not quite sure how to explain this process if you haven’t ever done it before. I just place the ribbon against the side of the scissor blade and hold it firmly against the blade with my thumb. Then pull the full length of the ribbon between your thumb and the scissors quickly. It usually works best for me if the curling ribbon is touching the scissor blade on the least shiny and non-ribbed side. I hope that makes sense.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay
Voila, super fun and inexpensive wire garland halo. These are perfect for parades and carnivals or just for play!  Thanks for learning how to make a hair halo with us today.  I hope you have fun making them.  You can make them and sell them at parades too!

Tutorial: How to Make a Princess Parade Halo

I always used to love these when I was little, and there was always a guy selling them at parades and carnivals and things like that. I would beg and beg, but my mom would say she wasn’t going to buy something that she could make so easily. Trouble is, she never made me one! :( Sad huh?

Well, don’t let that happen to your little girl lol. Or any other little girl you know! These princess halos are so cost effective and easy to make that you could make a ton.

Let’s get started.

You will need:

I am a total patriot–so even just the supplies look fun to me! Lol

Foil Garland (whatever styles/colors you want)

Curling ribbon–the egg kind is good because it totally curls for you. But you can use scissors to curl the other kind if it isn’t curly enough. Again, whatever styles and colors you like.



Unravel the ends off of one of your garland rounds and measure a piece long enough to fit your subjects head. You’ll want to cut it about 2″-3″ longer than you need for wrapping purposes.

Use the piece you just cut to measure and cut your other garland pieces to about the same size.

Now wrap your garland pieces around each other a little bit and form them into a round  keeping the opening about the size you will need for your subject’s head. Wrap the ends together using that 2″-3″ extra length that you kept.

That could be cute be cute all by itself, don’t you think?

But, we’re going to go ahead and add us some streamers.

So, cut some long strands off of each of your curling ribbon rolls. Mine ended up being about 2 yards I think, but I cut some off after I tied it.

Now make a loop in the center of your curling ribbon strands and put it through the opening of your halo like this. Sorry for the cruddy picture. It is hard to make curly ribbon lie flat :)

Now pull the long ends of your curling ribbon up through your loop and pull tight. The same way I did with the tulle in the tutu tutorial here.

Tie a pretty bow with your long curling ribbon ends.

Ta da! All done. Wasn’t that easy? And fun? Don’t you want to make a bajillion?

You can also embellish these by putting rhinestones, buttons, or flowers in the center of your bow. Or even adding some ribbon to your curly tail mix. Whatever puts a smile on your face!  Fairy Halos are just such a hit.  You could wear them to a parade, or make them for your daughters fairy or princess birthday party.

Now that you know how to make them, you could sell them at carnivals and festivals.  They are also great for Booster Clubs and PTA for fundraisers as well.  We have wholesale cheap supplies because we are the manufacturer and distributor.  Please visit our online shop to purchase all of our items, always on sale.

 We have lots of good ideas for fairy and princess parties.  If you have any questions give us a call.  801-805-6667!

Thanks for joining me today, and stay tuned to learn some more fun stuff!

Patriotic Sparkler Bow!

Who wants to see how I made this fabulous 4th of July themed boutique bow?  Isn’t this just so festive?  I love patriotic and red/white/blue items, especially on little girls.

Patriotic Hairbow

I actually have some cousins with daughters (lucky ladies!) who are going to be entering a local children’s parade. They are planning on a patriotic theme for their group, so they had asked me if I could teach them how to make some cute patriotic themed bows.

So, this is for them–and of course–for you!

You will Need:

1 Boutique Bow–tutorial at this link

1 Stacker Bow–tutorial at this link

1 8CM Lined French Clip–tutorial at this link

A Few Pieces of Star Wire Garland

A Rhinestone or Center Embellishment (optional)

A Scrap Piece (maybe 6″8″ long) of 3/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon

About 12″ of String

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick (not shown)


Start by hot gluing your stacker bow to your boutique bow–center to center.

Lay your pieces of wire garland in a straight horizontal line center to your bow. Use the string to tie them to your bow nice and tight.

Now your thinking, “that is not cute” lol. That’s what this next step will take care of.

Pull your wire garland and fan it out on each side of the center string. Trim it up if you’ve made your pieces too long for your liking.

Now hot glue that scrap piece of coordinating 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon to the center of your bow like so. This piece will hide that ugly string you used in the last step.

Now flip your bow over to the backside. Take the center bar out of your lined french clip and hot glue it to the center of the back of your bow.

Wrap your 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon up and hot glue it to the french clip. Then trim the end off and run a lighter over it to heat seal it from unraveling. Do this to both ends of the ribbon.

Put the center bar back into your clip.

This is actually very cute without any center embellishments. So, you could just leave it this way.

4th of July Hairbow

Or, you can be like me, and just have to add a little more bling.

So, I hot glued the rhinestone to the center of my bow.

Voila! Done–isn’t it just adorable?

Red/White/Blue Hairbow

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And stay tuned for more tutorials and other fun posts!