Day 7 – Cheerleader DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy

HalloCostumeD7Cheerleader DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial – Cheap and Easy

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

This costume is one of my very favorites. Of course, my favorite colors were always red and white. So, it’s no wonder :) And, with pieces from Always Under Pay , it was a fun and easy DIY project!


Materials Needed:

Red/White 5 Layer Tutu

White Leotard

2 Red Boutique Bows

Red Felt

Instructions for Top:

I just googled University of Utah logo, picked one, saved it to my computer, imported it to a Word document, sized it how I needed, then printed it on plain white copy paper to make a template of sorts.

Then I cut the logo out and pinned it to my felt like so:


Once you have your letter template pinned to your felt, cut use some sharp scissors to cut along the edges of your template. Once you are finished, remove the pins and separate the template from your felt like this.

Now, use your hot glue gun to adhere your felt letter to the center front of your leotard. It is easiest to do this my applying the hot glue to the back of the felt letter and then pressing the letter to the leoarts. Make sure you get good glue coverage, especially on the edges of the letter. And be careful not to burn yourself!

All done! Wasn’t that easy?! Now just dress your cutie in all the pieces, and your off!  Of course you could do this with any team colors (you could layer a couple of our basic tutus if needed).

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