Day 4 – Super Girl Inspired DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial


Super Girl Inspired DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

Oh boy! Or ahem, rather, girl! What a super easy and fun hero costume we have today. Super hero costumes are still very popular for all age groups.  And, with pieces from  Always Under Pay, this was a really quick and simple one to make ourselves.


Materials Needed:

Red 5 Layer Tutu

1.5″ Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon (about 3.5 yards)

3/8″ Royal Blue Grosgrain Ribbon (about 15 inches)

2 Red Marabou Puff Clips



Glue Sticks and Glue Gun

Red Felt

Yellow Felt

Instructions for Bows:

Blue Loopy Surround Bow (You’ll need about 15” or so of the 3/8” blue grosgrain ribbon to make this.)
Yellow Boutique Bow (I made my own using the tutorial in the link, but you could also buy a boutiqu bow clip and remove the clip piece.) If you make your own, you will need about 1 yard of the 1.5” yellow grosgrain ribbonand about 6” or so of the 3/8” yellow grosgrain ribbon for each bow as well as about a foot of string.

Red Marabou Puff Clip

Hot glue your Loopy Surround Bow to the center of your marabou puff clip. Then, glue your boutique bow to the center of the loopy bow as shown.


For Top:

I accidentally erased my photos for this part, but it isn’t too hard to describe. I downloaded the free  Super Hero Logo Template here. Then sized the template to what I needed to fit the top and printed a template on just regular copy printing paper.

First I attached the full template to the yellow felt and cut the outline of the template.

Then I cut the “S” part out of the template and attached it to the red felt piece with pins and cut that shape.

Then, I used the hot glue gun to attach the red piece on top of the yellow felt outline. Next I hot glued the full Super Girl logo onto the t-shirt.



For Skirt:

Red 5 Layer Tutu

1.5″ 1.5″ Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1 yard)

Glue Gun and Stick



Make a big yellow bow with the 1.5″ grosgrain ribbon. Trim the ends and use a lighter to heat set them so they do not fray. Hot glue the ribbon to the front of one of your tutus.


And that’s it! All done. Isn’t this just super fun (pun intended)? We love it!

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