Rolled Tulle Rosette on Sequin Headband (with Feathers!)

Today I am going to teach you how to make this fabulous rolled tulle rosette headband. I think this looks very 20’s flapper chic, don’t you?flappers headband

You will need:

Headband Making SuppliesTulle (I used about a yard length, and this is 6″ wide)

Sequin Headbands

Two Felt Circles (I freehand cut these at about 2″ diameter, we have some felt circles coming in though soon!)

Rhinestones or something to embellish your center

Feathers in Bulk

Fabric or craft glue (I used Fabri-Tac because it bonds well, dries fast, and is clear)


Hot Glue and Gun (not pictured)


Cut about a yard length of your tulle. Make a small knot in the end. Using your fabric or craft glue adhere the knot to the center of one of your felt circles. Sorry, my photo taking skills could use some help :)

*NOTE* Don’t use the glue gun for this. Tulle is made of a plastic like material, and it will melt.

Start twisting your tulle so you can begin wrapping it around your knotted center. I use a thin line of glue continuously around the rosette. I don’t want it coming apart.

Continue to roll until you have a nicely sized rosette.

Fabric RosetteIf you cut your felt too big and want your rosette smaller, just trim the excess off.

When you’re sure that you have it the size you like, go ahead and cut your tulle off. What to do with that end piece? Just twist it a bit and glue it to the back of your felt piece. When we are done you won’t see it.

Now the fun part! Embellishing. I was asked to use our feathers in a tutorial, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

Cut your feathers down to whatever length you think you like them at and use your hot glue and gun to adhere them to the back of your flower against the felt backing.

Now, take some scrap pieces of tulle and glue those to the back of the flower as well. I did use my glue gun for this part because it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as the pieces that show are not melted :)

That doesn’t look so cute lol. But it will.

Next, take your other felt circle and hot glue that to the back of your rosette. See, all nice and pretty lol.

Now, find the seam of the sequin headband where it is sewn together. This is where you’ll want to hot glue your rosette. Just because it will cover that up for you.

Voila! A fun and funky inexpensive hair accessory!

I made a video tutorial for Youtube on this headband that I did in black as well. You can watch that tutorial here.

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