Patriotic Triangle Pennant Banner Tutorial

Patriotic Triangle Pennant Banner Tutorial


Materials Needed:
Burlap Pennant Banners
Spray Paint (I used the 3 oz Krylon Short Cuts)
Painter’s Tape
3 Cut Out Cardstock Star
Double Sided Adhesive Tape
Newspaper or Drop Cloth (Not Shown)
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Step One:
Cover all of the Ties on each piece with the painter’s tape. Then spray paint all 5 pieces white. I did about two good coats of paint on each piece. You’ll need to let them dry for about 20 minutes between each coat.

spray white

Step Two:
Let the white coat dry until dry to the touch (usually about 20-30 minutes). Use the painter’s tape to mark off some stripes on two of the pennants. Then begin spraying with red spray paint, again about two coats and letting dry 20 minutes or so between each coat.

Stripes Spray

Step Three:
Use double sided adhesive to thoroughly cover the back of the cardstock star cut outs. Adhere the stars to the center of the remaining 3 pennants. Then spray paint each of them over with blue paint remembering two coats and 20 minutes dry time between each coat.

Star Spray

Step Four:
Remove all painter’s tape and the cardstock pieces from all pennants. Tie the pennants together using the attached jute ties. Voila! A beautiful patriotic banner to decorate inside or outside. This would be really cute for summer barbecue and Independence Day décor.


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