Day 29 – Tinkerbell DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Tinkerbell Inspired Costume Tutorial

(Our pieces available for ages 2-5 years)


I just really love this costume. A fairy with a little bit of mischief in her blood. Doesn’t that just describe almost every little girl you know?

And this costume was super simple and quick to make with products from Always Under Pay.

Materials Needed:

White Pixie Wings

7/8″ Lime Green Grosgrain Ribbon

White Daisy Flower Clip

Lime Green 8″ Crochet Tube Top

Lime Green Ribbon Lined Ballet Tutus (we layered two for fullness)

Two White Marabou Puff Clips

Gold Glitter Tulle

Lime Green Butterfly Wand

Gold Glitter Curling Ribbon

String (I used crochet thread), Scissors, Glue Gun, and Glue Stick

Top Instructions:



Step One:

Thread your 7/8” lime green grosgrain ribbon through a couple of holes a the top center of your crochet tube top. Trim to length as needed to make a neck tie for the child who will wear it.

Step Two:

Slide your White Daisy flower clip through the loops under the ribbon on the crochet top. All done!


Instructions for Fairy Wand:

Materials Needed:


Step One:

Wrap your tulle around your hand about 6-7 times.


Step Two:

Cut through each end of the tulle so that you have a pile of rectangular sheets of cut tulle.

Then, gather the tulle in the center and tie it tightly with a piece of string. Trim the ends of the string off closely.


Step Three:

Start pulling the tulle pieces away from each other, fluffing them out to make a ball shape. Trim your tulle ball into a shape that pleases you.


Step Four:

Gently pull and wiggle the butterfly on the wand until it comes off.

Step Five:

Cut three long pieces of the glitter gold curling ribbon (I think mine were about 9” in length) and hot glue them to the top of your wand.

Step Six:

Squeeze a good size dollop of glue on top of the wand and then press your gold tulle ball onto it. Hold it there for about 30 seconds to make sure it will stay on.


All done! Wasn’t that easy?!

Below is a pic with the green pixie wings. We couldn’t decide which we like better :)


We’d love for you to come back and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!

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