Day 26 – Elmo DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Elmo Inspired Costume

(Our pieces available for ages 2-5 years)


I don’t know anyone who didn’t grow up watching Sesame Street. Elmo was always one of my favorite characters, and this costume was super easy and fun to make with products from Always Under Pay.

Materials Needed:

Red 5 Layer Tutu

Red Crochet Tube Top

Red 7/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon (about one yard)

2 Black Felt Circles

White Felt

Black Felt

Orange Felt

Styrofoam Cup or other Round Object to Trace for Eyes



Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Top Instructions:


Step One:

Use the marker to trace your round object for Elmo’s eyes (I used a Styrofoam disposable cup).

Step Two:

Cut the eyes you just traced out of the felt, then hot glue two black felt circles onto the centers of the eyes.

Step Three:

Free hand draw a nose for Elmo with your marker and cut it out. I set my eyes on the orange felt to help me scale the nose correctly.

Step Four:

Free hand draw a mouth for your Elmo’s face onto a piece of scratch paper. Use it as a stencil to cut your mouth out of the black felt.

Step Five:

Now you should have your whole face cut out. I just set mine all up together on the table to make sure that it looked right to me.

Once your sure it looks good, you can glue your face pieces to your crochet top. Then, thread your ribbon through a couple of holes in the center of your top for a neck tie as shown below.


All done! Wasn’t that easy?! We’d love for you to come back and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!


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