Day 24 – Minnie Mouse DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial + {GIVEAWAY}


Minnie Mouse Inspired Costume Tutorial

Minnie Mouse has always been a favorite character for me as long as I can remember. And this costume made with products from Always Under Pay is a really cute one for your little Disney fan!

(our pieces available for ages 1-6 years)


Materials Needed:

Mouse Ears (We had these hanging around the warehouse, but have included instructions on how to make your own!)

White plastic play bead necklace

Black Leotard

Red White Dot Skirt

This outfit is pretty self explanatory. We pretty much don’t need a tutorial. But, since not everyone has mouse ears, we thought we might show you how to make some!

Mouse Ears:

We had some sample mouse ears hanging around the warehouse, but they weren’t quite the color that we wanted for this costume. So we just laid them down and traced the outline against some black felt. Then we cut the pieces we traced out of the felt and hot glue them to the ears to make them match our ensemble a little better.

If you don’t have any mouse ears, they are pretty simple to make. Here are some instructions.

Mouse Ears Headband Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Satin Lined Plastic Headband

Red Polka Dot Ribbon  for bow decoration (Not Shown)

Scrap Piece of Cardboard

Paper Cup or Other Small Round Object to Trace for Ear Shape



Bright Colored Marker (so you can see it against the black)

Glue Gun and Glue Stick (Not Shown)

Step One:

Use the marker to trace the cup opening shape onto your scrap cardboard pieces. Then, cut them out a little bit smaller than actual size with the scissors (as shown below).


Step Two:

Now trace the same cup opening shape onto the felt with the pen. If you use bright colors, it will show up against the black felt. If you look closely, you can see the marker in the photos below.

Cut the circle ear shapes out of the felt in actual size (not smaller like the cardboard pieces). Leave a small tab piece uncut from the circle as shown below. This piece will be used to stabilize and secure the ears to the headband later.

Step Three:

Using the hot glue gun, glue the cardboard rounds that you cut to the inside of two of your ear pieces. The inside is the piece that you can see marker lines on. You’ll want the marker lines on the inside so that they won’t be seen on your finished product.

Step Four:

Now, hot glue the other two pieces of felt on top of the cardboard rounds sandwiching the cardboard piece in between. Then, run some hot glue around the inside edge gluing the felt together so you can’t see the cardboard anymore.

**DO NOT glue the edges by your little tabs that I told you were for stability. Leave that piece open for now.

Step Five:

Bend back your two tabs to expose the cardboard inside of the ear piece. Put a good glob of hot glue along the edge of that cardboard and then stick the glue to the outside edge of the headband. Hold it there for about 30 seconds to let it dry before you repeat this with the other ear.

*TIP* Make sure you have a good idea where you want the mouse ears to go before you do this step. You don’t want them glued in the wrong place. And, sometimes it is difficult to just eyeball it. I would put the headband on the child’s head that these are for, or even on your own head like I did, and just make a small pen mark where you want he center of the ears to be.

Step Six:

Now, trim off any excess felt that is too long to fold under the inside of the headband. Then, put a bead of hot glue on the inside edge of the headband where you will be securing your mouse ears. Fold one felt piece over that glue and hold in place for about 30 seconds. Then, fold your second piece on top of that, adding more glue if necessary to adhere it.


Step Seven:

Tie a cute little bow with polka dot ribbon and hot glue it between the ears.
Voila!  A fun and simple little addition to any girl’s dress up wardrobe!


Come and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!

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