Day 23 – Sleeping Beauty DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Sleeping Beauty Inspired Costume Tutorial

(our pieces available for ages 2-5 years)

Every little girl wants to be a princess.

And the pieces from Always Under Pay, you can make her dreams come true!

Materials Needed:

Light Pink Older Girl Tutu

Dark Pink Older Girl Tutu

Hot Pink Crochet Tube Top (we layered two for modesty)

3/8″ Light Pink Grosgrain Ribbon (about 3 yards)

White Tulle

Light Pink Boutique Bow

Princess Tiara

Instructions for a Top Piece:


Step One:

Stretch one of your crochet tube tops over a piece of cardboard or, like I did, a school binder. You just need something to stretch the holes open so you can see them better.


Step Two:

Now, take the 3/8″ light pink grosgrain ribbon and weave it up through two of the holes on the bottom of the top. Try to keep it centered.


Step Three:

Weave the strands up through the holes until you get to the last hole in your top. Make sure to line up the holes you are weaving them into so that they are straight. I weaved mine up and down through every other hole (as you can see in the photo below).

Now you can take the long pieces and use them for a neck tie. Trim to length as needed.


Step Four:

Cut 3-4 pieces of tulle about 2 yards in length. Gather your tulle pieces together and find the center. Now use a small bit of the 3/8″ light pink grosgrain ribbon to tie the tulle to the front center of your crochet tops. Tie it tightly, then trim any tails off of the ribbon piece so they don’t poke out.

Step Five:

Now, just slide the light pink boutique bow through that piece of 3/8” ribbon and your top is done!


**Note** You will need to wait until the top is on the child before you can finish the sleeves. Wrap the tulle around the child’s shoulders and to the back of the top. Trim the length of the tulle as desired and then tie the tulle with some ribbon on the back of the top to keep it in place. You can make a pretty clip and put it back there like in the front too!

Step Six:

We layered the light pink tutu under the dark pink tutu for fullness and a bit of added interest to tie in the light pink pieces of the costume.


We’d love for you to come and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!

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