Day 2 – Girls Pirate DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Idea Cheap and Easy!


Girls Pirate DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Idea Cheap, Easy and Homemade!

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

This costume is delightfully fun, and surprisingly simple to make with products from Always Under Pay.


Materials Needed:

Red 5 Layer Tutu

White Strappy Leotard (or, White Leotard with Sleeves)

Black 8″ Crochet Top

3/8″ Red Grosgran Ribbon (about 2.5 yards)

Red/White Stripe Leg Warmers

Red Bandana and Pirate Accessories from Party Store



A binder or piece of cardboard or maybe a small chair back–something to stretch your top on. I used binder because it was handy :)

Corset Top Instructions:



Step One:

Take your 8” crochet top and stretch it over the binder (or whatever you’re using as a stretching piece). Try to make sure it is pretty centered so that the seam is running up the middle of the backside.


Step Two:

Find what you believe to be the closet hole to center in the second row up from the bottom (This doesn’t need to be perfect, I doubt you’ll be so far off as to be a noticeable difference, but if you are anal, feel free to count it off lol).

Then, thread one end of your 3/8” ribbon through the hole that is 3 to the right of that center hole. Repeat with the other end of the ribbon and three holes to the left (I’m glad we have pictures to help explain what I am not good at explaining).

**Note**make sure that each side of your ribbon is relatively the same length. Otherwise it will cause you headaches later**


Step Three:

Now cross the two ends of the ribbon so that the right is now on the left and vice versa. Count two holes up from where you just threaded the ribbon through, and thread it back up from the back of the crochet top up to the top again.


Step Four:

Next, cross the ribbons back over each other again to make an “X” shape. Then count up two holes from the ones where you just poked your ribbon through and poke them back down to the backside again. You can see now how this is starting to look the way we want it to.


Step Five:

Continue to lace the ribbon up the top until you reach the last row you are able to bring you ribbons up through. You should be able to get three of your “X” shapes on there.


Step Six:

Tie a bow at the top and trim your ribbon to the length you desire. Use your lighter to heat seal the ends of the ribbon so that they don’t fray.

**Note**You might want to wait until you have this on the child it is going to be used by before you trim the ribbon.


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will come back to learn more ways to style your little princess!

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