Day 18 – Minion DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy

HalloCostumeD18Minion Inspired Costume Tutorial

(our pieces available for ages 2-10 years)

I’ll be honest, I think I love the Despicable Me movie a little more than even my kids do. It is really funny for adults as well as kids, and I just cannot resist those little minions! Aren’t they the cutest little mischief makers?

With product from Always Under Pay, this was a super quick and fun costume to make ourselves.

Materials Needed:

2 yellow marabou puff clips

Royal Blue Ballet Tutus (we layered two for fullness)

Plain Yellow T-shirt or Other Top

Grey, White, Brown, and Black Felt (one sheet of each should do it)


Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Top Tutorial

Step One:

I used this minon eye photo that I found on the internet here and just enlarged it to fit my paper and printed it out. You could also just find some circle templates on google to print and use instead. Or, if you google “minion eye template”, hundreds will come up.

Once you have a template, use that to cut four different circles out of your felt pieces. This is the reason I chose that photo. The circles are all on one sheet. So I just had to keep cutting the template down for each color.


Step Two

Now, using your glue gun, hot glue your circles one on top of the other. Make sure to get the edges so that they don’t peel up later. And, be careful not to burn yourself.

Step Three

Use a ruler to mark a straight line about 2” from the bottom of your black felt sheet. If you use a really bright colored marker, you can see the line.

Then, cut that strip off of the bottom of your felt sheet, and cut the strip in half.

**My felt sheet was 8.5 X 11, and I cut on the long side. If your felt is bigger or smaller, you may need to make some adjustments for this.

Step Four

Use the glue gun to adhere those two strips of felt onto the yellow t-shirt as shown below. Do your best to make them even with each other on each side of the shirt.

Step Five

Now hot glue the big minion eye piece that you already made to the center of the shirt covering the gap between your black strips.

Step Six

I just freehand cut a mouth piece out of a small strip of black felt and hot glued it under the eye piece on a crooked smiley angle.

Done! Now just dress up that little minion monster of yours and take her trick-or-treating!

We invite you to come and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!


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