Day 17 – Snowman DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Snowman Costume Tutorial

Oh, I think it is just a bit too soon to be thinking about winter, don’t you? But we sure do think this little snowman (or should I say, snowgirl?) could probably bring a warm smile to just about anyone’s face!

And with products from Always Under Pay, we make this super fun and simple to make!

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)


Materials Needed:

White Strappy Leotard or White Leotard with Sleeves

White 5 Layer Tutu

Red Leg Warmers with White Hearts

2 Black Chiffon Rosette Flowers

White Ostrich Feather Clip

Red Glitter Daisy Flower (we did use a glitter lily on the original hat, but those are out of stock now)

2 Black Ribbon Lined Double Prong Alligator Clips

5/8″ Red Grosgrain Ribbon (1 foot should do it)

Red Glitter Headband

Black Felt Mini Top Hat

Red Scarf

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Snowman Top Tutorial

The top for this costume is super easy. Just glue the two black chiffon rosettes to the center front of your leotard, and you’re done!


Top Hat Tutorial

Materials Needed:


Step One:

Cut a piece of the 5/8” red grosgrain ribbon just long enough to go around the bottom of the cone on the felt witch’s hat. Now take your red glitter headband and do the same (I cut the loop off of my headband by preference).

I didn’t take a picture of this step, but my pieces ended up at about 9.5”.

Step Two:

Using the glue gun, run a bead of hot glue around the base of felt top hat (hopefully a little neater than I did).


Step Three:

Take that small piece of 5/8” red grosgrain ribbon and press it against the hot glue around the brim of the hat.


Step Four:

Now take your cut piece of glitter headband and use the hot glue to attach it to the center of your grosgrain ribbon band as shown. Try to keep all of your messy ends in one place so we can cover them up with the next steps.


Step Five:

Carefully separate the clip from your ostrich feather piece as shown below. I had to wiggle mine back and forth and gently pull on it a bit.


Step Six:

Place a good size dob of hot glue on the front of your raw edges on the ribbon hat band and then press the ostrich feather piece to the glue dob. Be careful not to burn yourself.


Step Seven:

Now take your glitter daisy flower and pull off the round green plastic piece on the back. This should allow you to pull the crystal center and stem through the middle of the flower in the front. This leaves you with a stack of petals and miscellaneous stem pieces.


Step Eight:

Take your stack of petals and arrange them how you would like your flower to look on your hat. Then, hold them together with your fingers and slide them inside the mouth of the stapler.

Now staple your petals together in the center of the flower stack.

Step Nine:

Glue the rhinestone center back on your flower.


Step Ten:

Place a good dob of glue on the back of your glitter daisy flower and then press it to the top hat and on top of the ostrich feather piece.


Step Eleven:

Now, using your hot glue again, put two strips of hot glue on the under side of the top hat right across from one another (You could probably do this neater than I did too lol.).


Step Twelve:

Then just place your two ribbon lined double prong alligator on top of the hot glue strips—one on either side of the top hat. Make sure they are facing the same way or it will be difficult to clip it to the child’s hair.


And we’re done! Isn’t that a beautiful little head piece for your sweet snowman? I love it!


Be sure to come and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!

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