Day 15 – Clown DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Clown Costume Tutorial

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

Remember going to the circus when you were little? I don’t lol. I never did go to a circus. But, I always wanted to. And the clowns seemed like the funnest part of that. They are so funny and cute! Especially when they look like this.

And, with pieces from Always Under Pay, this is a fun and easy way to get that look without spending a ton of money.

Materials Needed:

Rainbow Sequin Tutu

White Leotard

Red Chevron Leg Warmers with Chiffon Ruffle

Red Chevron Print Boys Tie

7/8″ Turquoise Blue Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbon

For the Bows (supplies for two bows):

1.5″ Blue Chevron Print Grosgrain Ribbon (about 3 yards)

3/8″ Neon Pink Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

3/8″ Turquoise Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

3/8″ Lime Green Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

5/8″ Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

7/8″ Purple Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

Red Marabou Boa (only need about an 8″ piece)

Red Ribbon Lined Double Prong Alligator Clips

String (I used crochet thread)



Glue Sticks and Glue Gun

Instructions for Suspenders:

We just basically faked the suspenders on this costume. We cut two pieces of the turquoise polka dot grosgrain ribbon to the length needed to go from the model’s waist around to the back and tuck in the waist in the back (if that makes sense).

To make that more secure, you could sew a tack stitch through the ribbon and the tutu to get the suspenders to stay. Or, you could even use safety pins.

Instructions for Bow:


Step One:

Make a boutique bow out of the blue chevron print 1.5″ grosgrain ribbon (as shown in the photo above). You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Step Two:

Take all of the grosgrain ribbon and cut it about 1″ bigger than your boutique bow (in my case, that was about 9″). Then, trim the edges so they are shaped how you want and heat seal the ends with a lighter.

Step Three:

Now arrange your grosgrain ribbon pieces how you would like them to look when your bow is finished. Keep in mind that they will be under the main boutique bow and poke out the sides.


Step Four:

Next, gather your grosgrain ribbon pieces in the center and wrap a piece of string tightly around them a few times. Tie the string, but don’t cut off the ends yet.

**Note, use a fairly long piece of string (maybe 18″ or so). Your going to need it longer than you think.**


Step Five:

Place a small dab of hot glue in the center of your grosgrain ribbon bundle (on top of the string), then place your marabou boa piece on top of that bundle and centered right in the glue.

Now tie the string around the boa piece for added security. Again, do not clip the string yet.


Step Six:

Place a small dab of hot glue in the center of your ribbon bundle again (on top of the string and center of the boa), then place your boutique bow piece on top of that bundle and centered right in the glue.

Tie the string around the boutiqe bow piece to secure it even more, then clip the string pieces close to the bow.

Step Seven:

Take a scrap piece of the 5/8″ yellow grosgrain ribbon and tie a double knot in the center.

Step Eight:

Hot glue the knotted part in the center of the boutique bow as shown below.

Step Nine:

Wrap the ends of the knotted yellow grosgrain ribbon around to the back of the whole bow piece. Trim to length as needed, then glue them in place as pictured below.

Step Ten:

Now hot glue the double prong alligator clip to the back of the bow assembly.


And that’s it! All done. Now you can just put the pieces together and go!


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we invite you to come and check out some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!

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