Day 11 – Snow White DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy + {GIVEAWAY!}


Snow White Inspired Costume Tutorial

(our pieces available for ages 2-5 years)

This costume is one of my very favorites. And the pieces from Always Under Pay make it fun and easy to create!


Materials Needed:

Handmade Headpiece (Tutorial Materials and Instructions Below)

Handmade Crochet Top (Tutorial Materials and Instructions Below)

Yellow Basic Tutus (we layered two for volume)

Instructions for a headband piece:

We ran out of the patriotic triflower headband that I used to create the piece on the model :( But, you can still create a similar headpiece with the following items.


Yellow Fold Over Elastic

Rolled Rosette Flowers in Red, Royal Blue, and Yellow

White Lace Flower

Pieces pulled from a Yellow Chandelle Feather Boa

Hot Glue Gun and Glue, scissors, small piece of yellow felt (about 6″ square would do it), and a needle and thread.

Step One:

Measure the elastic around the head of the child who will wear the piece and cut to length. Make sure you pull it fairly snug so that it will stay on her head later.

Now, use the needle and thread to sew a tack stitch sewing the ends together. I used a basting stitch and then a few random “x” stitches. That is the extent of my sewing skill :) This will be covered up later, so you don’t need to worry about it looking nice.


Step Two:

Hot glue your three rosettes closely together on one corner of the felt. You’ll want to keep it in the corner because it is easier to trim, and you’ll need some of the felt that is left later.

Now take your scissors and trim around the flowers underneath the petals so that the felt does not show on the top side.


Step Three:

Run a bead of hot glue about 2-1/2″ long onto your elastic headband making sure that the part you sewed together is in the middle (or at least close).

Quickly, before the glue dries to much, lay some feather pieces down onto the headband with one end in the glue.


Step Four:

Take your lace flower and run some hot glue onto the felt circle in the back. Glue the lace flower to the headband on the left side and on top of the feathers.

Now glue your rosette flower trio to right next to the lace flower and on top of the feathers and headband.


Step Five:

Cut a strip about ½” wide and 3″ long from your felt and hot glue it to the back side of the headband behind your flower pieces. This will cover up the ugly stitching and stuff. And, it will make it more comfortable for the wearer.




Instructions for a Top Piece:

Materials Needed:

Yellow 5/8” Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1 yard)

Blue 3/8” Grosgrain Ribbon (small piece, maybe 6”)

Black 8” Crochet Tube Tops (we layered two for modesty)

Gold Glitter Tulle (about 1.5 yards)

Red Tulle (about 1.5 yards)

Royal Blue Tulle (about 1.5 yards)

Blue Glitter Flower Head

Lined Single Prong Alligator Clip

Hot Glue Gun and Glue, scissors, and a stapler

Step One:

Layer your crochet tops one on top of the other making sure that the seams are in relatively the same place. Stretch them both over a piece of cardboard or, like I did, a school binder. You just need something to stretch the holes open so you can see them better.

Now, take the 5/8″ yellow grosgrain ribbon and weave it up through the holes in the center of one of your crochet tops.


Step Two:

Turn the tops inside out, clip the ends of the ribbon so that they are long enough to reach each other and overlap. Use the hot glue to glue the ends together.

*Tip*Try not to bunch the ribbon or leave any hot glue showing so as not to irritate the skin of the child that will wear it.


Step Three:

Gather all of your tulle pieces together and find the center. Now use the small bit of 3/8″ royal blue grosgrain ribbon to tie the tulle to the front center of your crochet tops.

You’ll set this top piece aside while we work on the flower piece for it now.


Step Four:

Slide the round green piece off of the back of your blue glitter flower. Once this is off, you should be able to pull the crystal piece through and be left with a stack of loose petals. Keep them together. Don’t separate them!


Step Five:

Now, holding the petals together with your fingers, slide them into the stapler. Find the center of the flower, and staple the petals together.


Step Six:

Next, take the green stem off of the crystal from your flower and glue the crystal back onto the front center of the flower.


Step Seven:

Glue the alligator clip along the staple on the back of your flower.


Step Eight:

Slide your new flower clip through the royal blue 3/8” grosgrain ribbon on your crochet top piece.



**Note** You will need to wait until the top is on the child before you can finish the sleeves. Wrap the tulle around the child’s shoulders and to the back of the top. Trim the length of the tulle as desired and then tie the tulle with some ribbon on the back of the top to keep it in place. You can make a pretty clip and put it back there like in the front too!

Come and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!


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