Clip on Bow Tie

Today’s tutorial is for a little boy! Or, it could be for a girl too, but it’s nice to have something to do for a boy for once huh?

It’s a clip on bow tie! I just love it. I think it would be so adorable for church on a baby or toddler boy!

Bow Tie

You will need:

Bow Tie Making Supplies8″ of 5/8″ Width Grosgrain

Small Piece of 3/8″ Coordinating Ribbon

A Lined Alligator Clip

Some String


Glue Gun and Glue Stick (Not pictured)

Lighter or other heat source


Start by heat sealing the ends of your ribbon. I didn’t take pictures of this part because I honestly forgot to do it. But if you don’t want the ends of your ribbon to fray, heat seal them. This can be done by placing your ribbon close to a hot light bulb or by simply running a flame from a lighter lightly against the edges. It really doesn’t take long at all. BE CAREFUL.

Now, form your ribbon into a loop by bringing one end around to meet the other. This will be the middle of the back on your little bow tie.

Bow Tie Making InstructionsHold the ribbon together, just like the above picture, and make an accordion fold in the center.

Bow Tie Step #2Still holding your tie with your fingers, wrap the string tightly around the center of the bow. When you have it secured, let go and tie a knot in the string on the backside of the tie (where the ribbon edges are showing). Trim the excess string.

Bow Tie Step #3

Next, hot glue your  lined alligator clip to the center of the back on your bow tie. Then hot glue the small bit of 3/8″ ribbon around the center of your bow and over the back of your alligator clip. This helps keep an extra hold on that clip and in a little girl’s hair if you use this for a girl’s bow.

Trim the excess on the 3/8″ ribbon piece and use your heat source one more time to seal the ends on that ribbon.

Voila! Super fun and stylish little clip on bow tie!


Finished Bow Tie

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