Tied Ribbon Tutu Flip Flops Tutorial

Tied Ribbon and Tulle Tutu Flip Flops FREE Tutorial

This tutorial would make a great little activity for girl’s camp, sleepovers, family reunions, birthday parties, etc. They are easy to make, and there is no hot glue to mess with!

DIY Patriotic Flip Flops

Materials Needed:
3 Colors 3/8” Grosgrain Ribbon of Your Choice
3 Colors Tulle of Your Choice
Flips Flops

DIY Flip Flop Materials Supplies

**Note**On the ribbon and tulle, this is a great way to use up random bits that you don’t have enough of for anything else. I think I only used 6 strips of each color, if that, on each flip flop.

Step One:
Start by cutting about 6 strips of each color in both the ribbon and the tulle. I cut mine to about 6”, but you can cut to whatever length you feel is long enough to tie onto the straps.

Step Two:
Just start tying the strips onto your flip flop. I did my in a pattern, but it is really not necessary. I did red, white, and blue (in that order). And I alternated between red ribbon, white tulle, blue ribbon or red tulle, white ribbon, blue tulle.

How to make a DIY flip flop

Step Three:
Keep tying ribbons onto your flip flop until you have each strap covered as much as pleases you. Now isn’t that pretty? … Lol it looks a bit of a hot mess right now, right? :)


Step Four:
Trim all of your ribbons and tulle to a shorter, more tutu looking length. Whatever looks good to you works. This is looking lots better!


Step Five:
Wear your snazzy new flip flops for school pride, parades, sleepovers, girls camp, whatever! Now weren’t those simple to make and crazy fun?  We have a large selection of cheap and affordable tulle.  You could even make these cute flip flops and make a matching tutu.  Then, your little girl could wear the flip flops to dance class.  How cute is that?

DIY Fun Patriotic 4th of July Ribbon Tulle Flip Flops

Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Tutorial

Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Tutorial

Finished Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Tutorial
Materials Needed:
Satin Flowers with Felt Backs
Grosgrain Ribbon
Flip Flops
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick
Lighter (not shown)

Materials Braided Ribbon Flip Flops

Step One:

Measure the length of the straps on your flip flops. Cut 8 strands of ribbon 4 times the length of your straps plus 4”. Mine were 6.25”, so my ribbon ended up at about 29” in length. You will need 4 strands for each flip flop—2 strands for each side.

Using your lighter, light it and quickly run it across the starting ends of each strand. This will seal the ends of your ribbon from unraveling. I didn’t have a lighter, so we’re pretending I did this J

Step Two:

Using the ribbon with the end that has been sealed with the lighter, hot glue a loop in one end of each of your ribbons, careful not to burn yourself. It doesn’t really matter which side of the ribbon you put the loop on, even if it is patterned on one side. Because both sides will end up showing.


Step Three:

Each side of your flip flop will need two strands of ribbon. Slip the loop of one of your ribbons through the loop on the other with the glued edge on the bottom of both.


Step Four:

Bring the ribbon strand on the right and make a loop as shown below. Slip the loop through the loop that belongs to the same strand. This is the only time you are going to loop into a loop of the same strand. I hope that makes sense.

Step Four Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Collage

Step Five:

Now bring a loop up with the opposite strand and loop it through your previous loop (in this case, loop the yellow through the pink loop that you just made in the last step).


Step Six:

Continue to push loops through loops of the opposite strand. You will need to tighten the loops as you go to avoid a loose braid.


Step Seven:

Keep measuring your braid strand against the length of your flip flops. When it is at the length you need, pull both ribbon strands all the way through their last loops as shown below.


Step Eight:

Next, cut the strands to a short length that can be wrapped to the back of your braid and hot glued. Using your lighter again, seal these two short ends. Then glue them to the back of your braid strand to hide them.

Step Eight Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Collage


Step Nine:

Repeat all of the above steps to make a second strand. Then hot glue them to your flip flop straps.


Step Ten:

You could just leave them like that. They are pretty cute. But, I wanted a flower.

Using your hot glue, glue the felt backed satin flower to the spot in front where your two braided strands meet.

Finished Braided Ribbon Flip Flops

How fun are these things?! They would be great for girl’s camp, sleepovers, or to show your school spirit. They can be made in a wide variety of color combos and with different embellishments and such. So much fun!  It is a cheap and easy way to have a girls camp or a birthday party activity.  Would make a great birthday party favor.

Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial

Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial from Always Under Pay!
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Materials Needed:
Wire Garland in your choice of styles/colors
Curling Ribbon in your choice of styles/colors
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial Supplies

Step One:
Measure your first piece of wire garland around the intended wearer’s head. Or, if you are making multiples, just find someone close in age to the intended recipients age range (no exact science over here lol). I used a styrofoam mannequin head for this tutorial.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Two:
Cut your wire garland about 1”-1.5” longer than you need it to be. Cut 3-4 pieces in your color preferences.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Three:
Twist the ends of the wire garland together to make a circle/halo.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under PayWire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Four:
Cut some pieces of curling ribbon. These will be the curly pieces hanging down the wearer’s back. You’ll need to cut them about 3” longer than you really want them because you will be curling them in a later step, and that tends to shorten them quite a bit.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay
Step Five:
Fold the cut pieces in half and make a loop. Slide the loop under the halo pieces. Then, bring the longer pieces up and through the loop. Pull tight to secure to your halo.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under PayWire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Six:
Tie a bow with your curled pieces if desired. I love me a pretty bow! I tied mine in a double knot so that it wouldn’t come undone later.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Seven:
Use the scissors to curl your curling ribbon pieces up a bit. I’m not quite sure how to explain this process if you haven’t ever done it before. I just place the ribbon against the side of the scissor blade and hold it firmly against the blade with my thumb. Then pull the full length of the ribbon between your thumb and the scissors quickly. It usually works best for me if the curling ribbon is touching the scissor blade on the least shiny and non-ribbed side. I hope that makes sense.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay
Voila, super fun and inexpensive wire garland halo. These are perfect for parades and carnivals or just for play!  Thanks for learning how to make a hair halo with us today.  I hope you have fun making them.  You can make them and sell them at parades too!

Tutorial: How to Make a Princess Parade Halo

I always used to love these when I was little, and there was always a guy selling them at parades and carnivals and things like that. I would beg and beg, but my mom would say she wasn’t going to buy something that she could make so easily. Trouble is, she never made me one! :( Sad huh?

Well, don’t let that happen to your little girl lol. Or any other little girl you know! These princess halos are so cost effective and easy to make that you could make a ton.

Let’s get started.

You will need:

I am a total patriot–so even just the supplies look fun to me! Lol

Foil Garland (whatever styles/colors you want)

Curling ribbon–the egg kind is good because it totally curls for you. But you can use scissors to curl the other kind if it isn’t curly enough. Again, whatever styles and colors you like.



Unravel the ends off of one of your garland rounds and measure a piece long enough to fit your subjects head. You’ll want to cut it about 2″-3″ longer than you need for wrapping purposes.

Use the piece you just cut to measure and cut your other garland pieces to about the same size.

Now wrap your garland pieces around each other a little bit and form them into a round  keeping the opening about the size you will need for your subject’s head. Wrap the ends together using that 2″-3″ extra length that you kept.

That could be cute be cute all by itself, don’t you think?

But, we’re going to go ahead and add us some streamers.

So, cut some long strands off of each of your curling ribbon rolls. Mine ended up being about 2 yards I think, but I cut some off after I tied it.

Now make a loop in the center of your curling ribbon strands and put it through the opening of your halo like this. Sorry for the cruddy picture. It is hard to make curly ribbon lie flat :)

Now pull the long ends of your curling ribbon up through your loop and pull tight. The same way I did with the tulle in the tutu tutorial here.

Tie a pretty bow with your long curling ribbon ends.

Ta da! All done. Wasn’t that easy? And fun? Don’t you want to make a bajillion?

You can also embellish these by putting rhinestones, buttons, or flowers in the center of your bow. Or even adding some ribbon to your curly tail mix. Whatever puts a smile on your face!  Fairy Halos are just such a hit.  You could wear them to a parade, or make them for your daughters fairy or princess birthday party.

Now that you know how to make them, you could sell them at carnivals and festivals.  They are also great for Booster Clubs and PTA for fundraisers as well.  We have wholesale cheap supplies because we are the manufacturer and distributor.  Please visit our online shop to purchase all of our items, always on sale.

 We have lots of good ideas for fairy and princess parties.  If you have any questions give us a call.  801-805-6667!

Thanks for joining me today, and stay tuned to learn some more fun stuff!

Patriotic Stacked Flower

Easy, fun red/white/blue 4th of July, patrtiotic flower clip!  This is so very easy and fun.  These themed flower clips would be great for Memorial Day, 4th of July 24th of July (Utah) and even Labor Day!  Plus the colors just go great together, don’t they?  Hair Flowers are so incredibly easy to make.  You will be so glad that you bought a bunch of our artificial fake flowers and rhinestones.  You can choose from Lilies, Daisies and Peonies.

Red/White/Blue Hair ClipsThis is a fun, fast thing to make with a group or just on your own. And there are lots of different variations. You can use many different colors and stack the petals in different ways for different looks. You can also add ribbons, tulle, or different centers. The possibilities are nearly endless!

You will need:

Bulk Flower Heads of your choice (I used a red and a white daisy with crystal center and a navy and royal blue lily with crystal center).

Needle and Thread (Not Shown–Optional, but highly recommended)

Glue Gun and Stick (Not Shown)


Start by taking all of your flower heads apart. You can throw away the plastic stem pieces (or keep them if you can think of a use for them). I started by popping the stem off of the back with my finger, then it was relatively easy to take all of the pieces apart.

Once you have your petals all apart, start playing around with how you want them stacked so you can put your flower together. I ended up with a large white daisy petal, then a large red daisy petal, another large white daisy piece, a navy blue lily petal, a royal blue lily petal, a medium red daisy petal, and finally a small white daisy petal. But, maybe you prefer to show more red than white. Play around with it until you like the way it looks.

When you have them stacked in the order that you want them, line the center holes up together so that you can see through the entire center of your flower. This will ensure that your flower will look centered and straight.

Take your needle and thread and just use a tacking stitch to sew all of your petals together. Now, I said the needle and thread were optional. This is because I hot glued all of my petals together. And it worked great. BUT–I got a big ole blister on my finger tip! Umm..painful!

The petals are pretty thin. So pressing the hot glue with your fingers is a bit dangerous. In hindsight I would have sewn them together. That being said, you can use hot glue at your own risk. Although, craft glue or fabric glue would probably work as well. You just need to let it sit and dry longer.

Moving on–now that you have all of your petals secured together, just hot glue one of the rhinestone crystal embellishments back on to the center of your flower. Voila! Super cute and patriotic accessory!

Patriotic 4th of July Hair Flower

You can glue this to a pin, snap clip, alligator clip, headband, or almost any other accessory. You can sew it to a purse before gluing your center on. Again, lots of possibilities!  These make absolutely darling baby headbands.  Don’t forget that infant headbands make the outfit!

Have fun, and stay tuned for more fun craft tutorials here at Always Underpay!

Ribbon Wrapped Polka Dot Wreath Tutorial DIY

Tutorial – How to Make a Wreath!

With Mother’s Day coming up, we got to thinking of something that Mom might like to decorate with. I don’t know a mom that doesn’t like to decorate for the holidays. And this wreath project is pretty darn simple.

And, the best part?-We’re giving it away as a free prize! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us which of our bulk craft items you’d like to see us use in a tutorial. We will randomly draw a winner on Thursday, April 19th, and contact you for your address info.

***EDIT**WINNER CHOSEN**–we used random.org to choose our winner. There were 16 comments at the time of drawing. The lucky winner was #30–knoxtiger14! Please contact us with your address information at customerservice@alwaysunderpay.com.

You Will Need:Wreath Making Supplies

Styrofoam Wreath (this one is from the dollar store)

1 1/2″ Grosgrain Ribbon (I didn’t measure, but I would guess somewhere around 3-5 yds)

1 1/2″ Organza Ribbon

3/8″ Swiss Dot Grosgrain Ribbon (again, no measurement, but guessing 3 yds)

Unfinished Flower Heads (I chose polka dots for this one)

Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)

The amount of ribbon used will also vary depending on the size of wreath you select.  Take that into account when placing your ribbon order.


Begin by hot gluing the end of your 1-1/2″ grosgrain ribbon to the wreath at a slight angle. The ribbon wraps better and won’t bunch if you angle it slightly.  When using hot glue with styrofoam, it is best to put the glue on the ribbon first sparingly, then attach to the wreath.

Begin wrapping your ribbon securing every 4-5 wraps with a dab of hot glue to prevent accidentally unraveling.

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath TutorialContinue to wrap around the entire wreath. Secure with a good dose of hot glue at the end.

Ribbon Wrapped Styrofoam Wreath TutorialNow do the same thing with your 3/8″ swiss dots grosgrain ribbon only leave wide gaps between wrapping. This is just an accent. Again, secure with hot glue every couple of wraps and with a good size dollop at the end.

Ribbon Wrapped Styrofoam Wreath Tutorial Take some pieces of the 1 1/2″ organza and of the 3/8″ swiss dots and glue some loops randomly on one side or on the bottom of your wreath (you choose). These don’t have to look pretty. You’re going to cover most of it up with a flower (or multiple flowers if you like).

Finishing Ribbon Wrapped WreathNow just glue on your flower (or flowers) and another loop of the organza ribbon at the top for hanging, and voila–a pretty, simple, and inexpensive wreath!

How to Make WreathWe hope you enjoy this!  Let us know if you decide to try this!

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