New Boys Baseball Diaper Covers and Leg Warmer Sets

New Boys Baseball Diaper Covers and Leg Warmer Sets Cheap!

Baseball Gift Set

You asked, and we delivered.  We have been asked to increase our boy selection for awhile now.  We have been busy creating and making some boy items for you to choose from.  Don’t you just love these new baseball bloomer and leg warmer sets?  Looking for that perfect gift for the little slugger in your life?  These are cute, affordable and adorable. Our cheap, wholesale pricing makes it so you can afford to splurge and buy more than one set!  The bum says “All Star” with the appearance of the baseball red laces on it.  Thanks for taking the time to look at our new boy diaper cover sets.

Boys Basketball Gift Sets (Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers)

New Boys Basketball Gift Sets (Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers)

basketball diaper cover

Basketball season is coming up soon.  Make sure your little tike is dressed for the occasion!  Our new basketball diaper covers and leg warmers are sure to be a big hit for your biggest fan!  Our wholesale, cheap pricing makes dressing up your little one affordable and adorable.  The bum of the diaper cover looks like the seams of the basketballs.  The seams go up the legs on the orange diaper covers as well.

New Football Gift Sets For Boys (Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers)

New Football Gift Sets For Boys (Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers)

Football Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers For Boys

Football season is here.  So are our new football boy diaper covers and leg warmers.  You can purchase them individually or in a set that is perfect for gift giving.  Our new boy products are simply adorable.  The bum of the diaper cover is made to look like a football with white laces on the bum of the brown diaper cover.  The leg warmers have white laces going up them to also look like a football.

We have a huge selection of new boy diaper covers and leg warmers, come take a look. Our boy bloomers are just so adorable, and we think you’ll love them too!  They are cute and affordable with our cheap, wholesale pricing.

Wholesale Girls Leg Warmers Halloween

Wholesale Girls Halloween Leg Warmers are here!

Just $2.95 each.

Halloween Leg Warmers

It’s getting to that time of year!  Kids just went back to school today.  My little girl is so happy, and we are excited to get back to a normal schedule!  It is also that time of year when there is a crisp to the air, and the smells of Autumn and Halloween are just around the corner.

Don’t forget to get your darling girl a cheap leg warmer.  These can also be worn on the arms if chosen.  They are a one size fits most (even babies).  The older the girl, the shorter they will be on them.  For babies, they are generally worn over the knees and the heel of the foot and they are just so adorable on infants.  This helps to keep them not only in style, but warm too!

These cotton leg warmers are trimmed in chiffon to give it that extra girly flair. Which pair is your favorite?  Do you just love the orange and black polka dots?  The orange and black stripes?  Or do you like a bit more than orange and black for Halloween, and so you love the combo of stripes and polka dots with some green and purple pizzazz?   Whichever style you prefer, we have just the Halloween leg warmers that you will want your daughter to wear.  Our online fashion boutique will have just the thing for you!  Please take a minute and stop by.  We always offer the best, most affordable cheap pricing we can.

These are also really fun to give as baby gifts.  Our online baby store is perfect for that last minute baby shower.  Get some stuff to put in your gift closet today and you will always be ready for that unexpected gift you need to give.  We have wonderful quality baby gear and things.

Whether you call these legwarmers, leg warmers, knee socks, or leggings, we have lots of styles to choose from, so visit our baby boutique today!

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