New Cheap Turban Headbands For Girls

New Cheap Turban Headbands at Wholesale Prices.

What is the hottest item in girls headbands?  Turban headbands!

Turban Headbands For Girls

These turban headbands are simply stylish, adorable, comfortable, etc.  They also help keep the hair out of eyes, which is a bonus to me!  We have 12 different colors of our turban headbands in a chevron pattern.  You can also purchase these in assortments.

These cute new headbands of ours are just $7.49 per dozen.  Aren’t they just so darling?  I’m thinking of all the fun our daughter is going to have with these cute new headbands.  What color is your favorite?

Patriotic Peony Flower Headband Tutorial

Patriotic flower headband free DIY tutorial.

4th of July Headband DIYMaterials Needed:
Peony Flower Heads of Your Choice (You could also use daisies or lilies.)
Satin Ribbon Lined Headband
4 Felt Circles
Glue Gun and Glue Stick (Not Shown)

Patriotic Flower Headband Supplies
Step One:
Start by Taking all of the flowers apart. Usually the round piece on the back of the stem will just slid out, and then you can pull the stem through the center of the flower and separate it from the rhinestone.

DIY Flower Headband Parts

Step Two:
Take the petals and stack them on top of each other in the order that you desire. Try to line the center holes up together the best you can.pic4

Step Three:
Using the stapler, staple the flower petals together in the center. I had to open my stapler to do this because I have a lot of petals. Also, you will notice that I didn’t get it stapled exactly in the center. Do your best to get it as close to center as possible. You don’t want your staples showing. But, this didn’t end up happening on mine, so you don’t need it to be perfect J.


Step Four:
Using the hot glue gun, glue your rhinestone to the center of your flower.

DIY Patriotic 4th of July Flower

Step Five:
Now hot glue two of your felt circles to the back of the flower doing your best to center them.


Step Six:
Squeeze a good line of hot glue down the center of the felt circles on the back of your flower, then stick the flower in the place that you would like it to go on your headband. Try to get it more centered than I did (again!).


Step Seven:
Now Hot glue two more pieces of felt on the underside of your headband to cover up the two felt circles on the bottom of your flower.


All done! Super easy, eh? Now you can make them for every outfit in your daughter’s closet!

DIY Patriotic 4th of July Headband

Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial

Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial from Always Under Pay!
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Materials Needed:
Wire Garland in your choice of styles/colors
Curling Ribbon in your choice of styles/colors
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial Supplies

Step One:
Measure your first piece of wire garland around the intended wearer’s head. Or, if you are making multiples, just find someone close in age to the intended recipients age range (no exact science over here lol). I used a styrofoam mannequin head for this tutorial.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Two:
Cut your wire garland about 1”-1.5” longer than you need it to be. Cut 3-4 pieces in your color preferences.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Three:
Twist the ends of the wire garland together to make a circle/halo.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under PayWire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Four:
Cut some pieces of curling ribbon. These will be the curly pieces hanging down the wearer’s back. You’ll need to cut them about 3” longer than you really want them because you will be curling them in a later step, and that tends to shorten them quite a bit.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay
Step Five:
Fold the cut pieces in half and make a loop. Slide the loop under the halo pieces. Then, bring the longer pieces up and through the loop. Pull tight to secure to your halo.Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under PayWire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Six:
Tie a bow with your curled pieces if desired. I love me a pretty bow! I tied mine in a double knot so that it wouldn’t come undone later.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay

Step Seven:
Use the scissors to curl your curling ribbon pieces up a bit. I’m not quite sure how to explain this process if you haven’t ever done it before. I just place the ribbon against the side of the scissor blade and hold it firmly against the blade with my thumb. Then pull the full length of the ribbon between your thumb and the scissors quickly. It usually works best for me if the curling ribbon is touching the scissor blade on the least shiny and non-ribbed side. I hope that makes sense.
Wire Garland Halo Hair Piece DIY Tutorial | Always Under Pay
Voila, super fun and inexpensive wire garland halo. These are perfect for parades and carnivals or just for play!  Thanks for learning how to make a hair halo with us today.  I hope you have fun making them.  You can make them and sell them at parades too!

Shabby Flower Headbands

Boutique Quality Shabby Flower Headbands

Just $0.75 Each!

Shabby Flower Headbands

We absolutely love these shabby flower headbands!  These dainty boutique quality headbands are so lovely adorned with a shabby flower.  We are sure to have one to match every outfit!  We even have one made especially for those cute Halloween photos and the Christmas ones too.  Babies wearing a cute, chic hairband are just so cute.  We have plenty of outfits that would look great with one of these too, so be sure to look around our whole website to see what goodies we have in store for you in our shop. We always have low sale, cheap wholesale pricing that you can’t find anywhere else.

Thank you,

Shabby Bulk Flowers With Polka Dots

New Shabby Bulk Flowers With Polka Dots

Just $3.99 Per Dozen!

Polka Dot Shabby Flowers

Bulk shabby flowers are such a fun, popular trend right now.  These have taken it up a notch with the polka dots.  They are so seriously cute.  They have no backs so that you can attach them to an alligator clip, French clip, etc.  A lot of people make boutique headbands out of them too (we also have some shabby flowers attached to a headband for .75.  Check out our flower headband page.).  The polka dots just add so much fun to these.  Mix and match with solid colors to get just the look you want.  We have everything you need to make your own hair flower so get started today!

We have a huge assortment of artificial fake flowers for hair bow and flower clip making.  Our prices cannot be beat.  We have fantastic wholesale, cheap pricing, every single day!

Thank you,

1 1/2″ Crochet Headbands Wholesale and Cheap!

Check out our awesome selection of 1 1/2″ crochet headbands.  We have brought in 28 wonderful colors for you to choose from.  We sell them by the dozen per color or by the 28 piece complete assortment (which is one of our most popular items on our website).

Just $3.25 (28 Pack is $7.50).  You can purchase them here:

1 1/2" Crochet Headbands

These small crochet headwraps are perfect for infants, newborns, babies, toddlers, girls and women.  The hair ties are really stretchy and are great for keeping your hair out of your face.  The colors we have to choose from are red, shocking pink, hot pink, medium pink, light pink, peach, orange, yellow, light yellow, light green, forest green, olive green, lime green, turquoise, apple green, light blue, royal blue, navy blue, lavender, purple, burgundy, medium brown, chocolate brown, beige, black, grey, white and ivory.  Whew, that is a huge selection.  We are the wholesalers with more selection of colors of crochet headwraps than anyone else.  Our prices again are just $3.25 a dozen or $7.50 for all 28 different headbands.

One of the most trending things with this hair accessory, is to add a flower clip or a bow to a crochet headband.  You can make your own using bulk silk flowers and alligator clips for the hair flowers.  Or, you can get some wholesale grosgrain ribbon and make some hairbows.  We have some great tutorials on how to make hair bows and flower clips so that you can make your own.  Since the crochet headbands have a weave, it is really easy to slide a clip through it.  Since the clips won’t be attached to the headbands it makes these headbands interchangeable.

What a perfect way to have something cute to dress-up every outfit and have cute headwear.  Even for every holiday.  If you are going to a Halloween party, throw on a black headband with a cheery orange flower clip.  Same for Christmas.  A cute green headband with a red flower clip is sure to dress up any outfit and make it festive.  A lot of new moms use our crochet headbands for blessing and christening days.  A white headband with a dainty white flower or bow is just so precious.  The great thing is that these headbands are so soft they won’t hurt your babies head.  I remember when my baby was little all the headbands I put on her I felt like squished her cute, tiny head.

Our low everyday wholesale, cheap prices make these hairbands affordable.  We can offer such inexpensive pricing because we are the manufacturer and distributor.  Our factories work hard for us to keep up with the demand.  OEM.  Thanks for looking at our crochet headbands for sale.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please be sure to visit our online website at, thank you!

Easy Flower Headbands

So, a few people have called the warehouse lately asking what exactly you might do with some of the new flowers we’ve gotten in. Namely the shabby flowers and rolled rosettes. There are lots of things to do with them, but today I’m going to show you one of the  most popular (and cute!).

I didn’t feel the need to create a tutorial on these trendy little headbands because they are really just so simple.I just hot glued the flowers straight onto the headbands. Easy peasy, right? And really oh so cute! You can make them to match any outfit!  Just pick out a few of your favorite flowers, get your glue gun and imagination and you are set.  You could add a little pizazz with some rhinestones too if you fancy.

I made these in Valentine and Spring colors for a couple of reasons. One, because spring just feels like it must be right around the corner (since we have had SO MUCH snow!).  Second, because we are GIVING THEM AWAY!  Just leave a comment on this post with your favorite new girl’s fashion trend, and we’ll pick a winner with three days from now!

These flowers would also be wonderful attached to an alligator clip and slipped through our crochet headbands.  Remember, we have wonderful wholesale products and prices to make such cute, fun, headbands, clips, tutus, and anything girly you can dream up!

Hooray for fun free stuff!  Comment now for your chance to win!  We will pick a random winner on Friday, 2/8/13 at noon MST so it goes out before the mail leaves (if you get back to us with your address in time).  Good luck!! Veronica, you are the winner, check your email! :)  Congratulations. (We had so many comments, thank you.  We had to go through and delete all of the old ones.  Thanks everyone!)

DIY: Patriotic Headband

Today I thought it would be fun to use our marabou boas for something besides dressing up our necks. You can cut the boas up and use them for embellishments on all sorts of crafts. I decided to use a white one for a headband embellishment.

4th of July HeadbandIsn’t that cute? Want to see how I did it?

You will need:

Scrap Piece of Navy Blue Tulle

Small cut off of a Marabou Boa Feather Boa (I think mine is about 5″)

Red Satin Lined Plastic Headband

Red 5 CM Crochet Flower

Some String

Something to embellish your center (rhinestone, button, etc.)


Glue Gun and Glue Stick (not pictured)


Start by taking your piece of marabou and folding it into a loop. Use the string to tie it together at the end.

Now cut a piece of your tulle whatever length you want it to be. I think mine ended up abourt 4.5″-5″ long. Pinch the center together and tie with the string. Now shape it how you like it and trim the ends with your scissors.

Take your headband and use your glue gun to run a bead of glue along the side where you want your marabou piece to lie. Then place your marabou loop on the glue and hold in place for a few seconds to make sure it stays. Be careful not to burn yourself–that marabou isn’t very thick!

Now take the tulle embellishment that you made and squeeze a dob of hot glue onto the back center. Adhere that piece to the bottom of your marabou loop. Don’t try to put the glue on the marabou piece. It is too wispy and will get glue everywhere (speaking from experience here :)).

Sorry for the white on white–it’s kind of hard to see. But I’m sure you get the idea.

Glue your crochet flower to the center of the tulle bow embellishment.

Now just glue your rhinestone or other embellishment in the center of your flower, and voila! You are done!

This is a super fun and patriotic hair accessory. Great for parades or wearing to family barbeques, picnics, firework shows, or just for fun!

Patriotic Headband

Isn’t this a fun baby headband?  It might be a little too big to be an infant headband, but would look just adorable on a toddler girl!

Thanks for visiting and come back for more fun craft ideas!

Rolled Tulle Rosette on Sequin Headband (with Feathers!)

Today I am going to teach you how to make this fabulous rolled tulle rosette headband. I think this looks very 20’s flapper chic, don’t you?flappers headband

You will need:

Headband Making SuppliesTulle (I used about a yard length, and this is 6″ wide)

Sequin Headbands

Two Felt Circles (I freehand cut these at about 2″ diameter, we have some felt circles coming in though soon!)

Rhinestones or something to embellish your center

Feathers in Bulk

Fabric or craft glue (I used Fabri-Tac because it bonds well, dries fast, and is clear)


Hot Glue and Gun (not pictured)


Cut about a yard length of your tulle. Make a small knot in the end. Using your fabric or craft glue adhere the knot to the center of one of your felt circles. Sorry, my photo taking skills could use some help :)

*NOTE* Don’t use the glue gun for this. Tulle is made of a plastic like material, and it will melt.

Start twisting your tulle so you can begin wrapping it around your knotted center. I use a thin line of glue continuously around the rosette. I don’t want it coming apart.

Continue to roll until you have a nicely sized rosette.

Fabric RosetteIf you cut your felt too big and want your rosette smaller, just trim the excess off.

When you’re sure that you have it the size you like, go ahead and cut your tulle off. What to do with that end piece? Just twist it a bit and glue it to the back of your felt piece. When we are done you won’t see it.

Now the fun part! Embellishing. I was asked to use our feathers in a tutorial, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

Cut your feathers down to whatever length you think you like them at and use your hot glue and gun to adhere them to the back of your flower against the felt backing.

Now, take some scrap pieces of tulle and glue those to the back of the flower as well. I did use my glue gun for this part because it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as the pieces that show are not melted :)

That doesn’t look so cute lol. But it will.

Next, take your other felt circle and hot glue that to the back of your rosette. See, all nice and pretty lol.

Now, find the seam of the sequin headband where it is sewn together. This is where you’ll want to hot glue your rosette. Just because it will cover that up for you.

Voila! A fun and funky inexpensive hair accessory!

I made a video tutorial for Youtube on this headband that I did in black as well. You can watch that tutorial here.

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Please, leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Tutorial: How to Make a Headband With a Tulle Puff

Ok, so I couldn’t just let that tutu go without a matching headband, right? That would just be a crying shame! So, I’m here to teach you how to make this super easy and adorable tulle puff crochet headband. Would you just love this for your next baby headband?

Crochet Headband Puff TutorialYou Will Need:

1 ½” Crochet Headbands



Rhinestones (or other embellishment)


Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)


Cut a piece of tulle about 3” wide.  Choose a spot on your headband where you’d like the puff to be ( I suggest the seam of the headband). Tie the piece of tulle between two of the holes in the crochet making sure that the ends are on the outside of the headband when you are done.

Step 1 Headband Puff TutorialContinue to tie tulle pieces in the holes until you are happy with how full your puff is looking. It will look a little weird at first, but keep going. I didn’t like mine at first either. I ended up with about a 2” width piece of my headband full of ties.

This is what it looked like on the inside of the headband when I felt like I was done tying.

Step 3 Headband Puff TutorialFluff out your puff and shape it a bit with scissors. Looking nice, right? You could just leave it this way. Or, even just put a rhinestone in the center.

Step 4 Headband Puff TutorialI like mine with a little bit more ‘stuff’. So, I added a little bit of aqua organza 3/8” ribbon and some swiss dot lavender 3/8” ribbon before topping it off with my rhinestone.

What do you think? Isn’t it cute? And so easy!  These aren’t just great infant headbands, but for girls, toddlers and even adults!  Give it a shot today!