Day 28 – Spidergirl DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Spider Girl Inspired Costume Tutorial

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

What a super easy and fun hero costume we have today. Super hero costumes are still very popular for all age groups. And, with pieces from Always Under Pay, this was a really quick and simple one to make ourselves.

Materials Needed:

Royal Blue Tutus (we layered two for fullness)

Royal Blue 1.5″ Grosgrain Ribbon(about 1 yard)

Red 5/8 ” Grosgrain Ribbon(about a 5-6″ piece)

Red Tulle (1-1.5 yards, cut into 6″ squares)

Red Double Prong Alligator Clips

String (I used crochet thread)

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Black Felt

Red T-shirt

Instructions for Bow:


Step One:

Use this tutorial here to make a boutique bow (as shown in the photo above) with your 1.5” royal blue grosgrain ribbon.

Step Two:

Take your tulle squares and gather them in the center, then tie it with string making a bow shape. Don’t cut the string tails off yet.

Step Three:

Use a bit of hot glue to glue the center of your blue boutique bow to the center of the tulle bow you just created. Then, use your string tails to tie the bows together for added security. Now you can clip the tails of the string.

Step Four:

Tie a knot in the center of your piece o f 5/8” red grosgrain ribbon. Then, hot glue that knot to the center of your bow as shown below.

Step Five:

Trim the tails of the red 5/8” grosgrain ribbon just long enough to wrap around the back of your bow assembly. Hot glue these tail pieces in place.

Step Six:

Hot glue the double prong alligator clip to the underside of the bow. Then trim your tulle pieces so that they look the way you want behind your blue piece.

And, your bow is finished! You could use this same tutorial to make any different color variations on this bow. The possibilities are nearly endless!


Instructions for Top:

Download the free Spider Logo Template here. Size the template to what you need to fit your top and print the template on just regular copy printing paper.

Cut the spider out of the copy paper, attach the template to the black felt and cut the spider out of the black felt.


Next, just use the hot glue gun to attach the spider to the front of your red t-shirt.
What a fun and easy costume for those super hero loving girls in our lives!


We’d love for you to come and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!


Day 15 – Clown DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Clown Costume Tutorial

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

Remember going to the circus when you were little? I don’t lol. I never did go to a circus. But, I always wanted to. And the clowns seemed like the funnest part of that. They are so funny and cute! Especially when they look like this.

And, with pieces from Always Under Pay, this is a fun and easy way to get that look without spending a ton of money.

Materials Needed:

Rainbow Sequin Tutu

White Leotard

Red Chevron Leg Warmers with Chiffon Ruffle

Red Chevron Print Boys Tie

7/8″ Turquoise Blue Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbon

For the Bows (supplies for two bows):

1.5″ Blue Chevron Print Grosgrain Ribbon (about 3 yards)

3/8″ Neon Pink Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

3/8″ Turquoise Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

3/8″ Lime Green Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

5/8″ Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

7/8″ Purple Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1.5 yards)

Red Marabou Boa (only need about an 8″ piece)

Red Ribbon Lined Double Prong Alligator Clips

String (I used crochet thread)



Glue Sticks and Glue Gun

Instructions for Suspenders:

We just basically faked the suspenders on this costume. We cut two pieces of the turquoise polka dot grosgrain ribbon to the length needed to go from the model’s waist around to the back and tuck in the waist in the back (if that makes sense).

To make that more secure, you could sew a tack stitch through the ribbon and the tutu to get the suspenders to stay. Or, you could even use safety pins.

Instructions for Bow:


Step One:

Make a boutique bow out of the blue chevron print 1.5″ grosgrain ribbon (as shown in the photo above). You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Step Two:

Take all of the grosgrain ribbon and cut it about 1″ bigger than your boutique bow (in my case, that was about 9″). Then, trim the edges so they are shaped how you want and heat seal the ends with a lighter.

Step Three:

Now arrange your grosgrain ribbon pieces how you would like them to look when your bow is finished. Keep in mind that they will be under the main boutique bow and poke out the sides.


Step Four:

Next, gather your grosgrain ribbon pieces in the center and wrap a piece of string tightly around them a few times. Tie the string, but don’t cut off the ends yet.

**Note, use a fairly long piece of string (maybe 18″ or so). Your going to need it longer than you think.**


Step Five:

Place a small dab of hot glue in the center of your grosgrain ribbon bundle (on top of the string), then place your marabou boa piece on top of that bundle and centered right in the glue.

Now tie the string around the boa piece for added security. Again, do not clip the string yet.


Step Six:

Place a small dab of hot glue in the center of your ribbon bundle again (on top of the string and center of the boa), then place your boutique bow piece on top of that bundle and centered right in the glue.

Tie the string around the boutiqe bow piece to secure it even more, then clip the string pieces close to the bow.

Step Seven:

Take a scrap piece of the 5/8″ yellow grosgrain ribbon and tie a double knot in the center.

Step Eight:

Hot glue the knotted part in the center of the boutique bow as shown below.

Step Nine:

Wrap the ends of the knotted yellow grosgrain ribbon around to the back of the whole bow piece. Trim to length as needed, then glue them in place as pictured below.

Step Ten:

Now hot glue the double prong alligator clip to the back of the bow assembly.


And that’s it! All done. Now you can just put the pieces together and go!


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we invite you to come and check out some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!

Shabby Flower French Clip Hair Bow Tutorial

DIY Shabby Flower French Clip Hair Bow Tutorial
Shabby Flower

Materials Needed:
Shabby Flowers in Your Choice of Color
15MM Pearlie Embellishment in Your Choice of Color
Felt Circles in Your Choice of Color
8MM French Clip (check out our tutorial here on how to line a French clip with 3/8” ribbon)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick

Materials Needed Shabby Flower French Clip

Step One:
Put a small dab of hot glue on one of the felt circles and then glue it to the back of a coordinating shabby flower. Make sure you don’t put too much glue on as the flower is mesh on the back side, so glue can seep through that and show through the other side. It is better to put the glue on the felt circle than the flower so as not to burn yourself.

Step One Shabby Flower French Clip

Repeat for remaining two flowers.

Step Two:
Use hot glue to adhere the 15MM pearlie embellishment to the middle of the shabby flower. It is easiest to put the glue on the center to avoid making a mess of the flower.

Step Two Shabby Flower French Clip

Step Three:
Using the glue gun, run a small line of glue down each end on the top of the french clip. Adhere one shabby flower to each end of the clip as shown below.

StepThree Shabby Flower French Clip Collage

Step Four:
Using the glue gun, squeeze a good glob of glue onto the back of the center shabby flower that has your embellishment on it.

Step Four Shabby Flower French Clip

Then, glue your embellished flower between the other two shabby flowers and onto the center of your flower clip.

Finished Shabby Flower French Clip Back

All done! Adorable, super easy to make, and unique shabby chic flower clip for your special girl’s hair! Finished Shabby Flower French Clip Collage

Patriotic Firecracker Bow Tutorial

Patriotic Firecracker Bow DIY Tutorial


Materials Needed:
Grosgrain Ribbon (I used 3 colors in 3/8” solid and 2 colors in 7/8” polka dot)
Wire Garland of Your Choice
Glitter Tulle (or Regular Tulle)
Lined Double Prong Alligator Clip
Crystal Center Rhinestone Embellishment
String (I used crochet thread)
Scissors (not shown)
Needle and Thread (not Shown)
Glue Gun and Glue Stick (Not Shown)
Lighter (Not Shown)


Step One:
Start cutting your tulle into 5-6 5” strips. Lay them down in a rotating asterisk kind of pattern as shown below. Then, gather them in the middle, wrap your string around the center, and tie it off to make a bow-looking shape. Clip off the extra ends of your string once you have it secured.

Set this piece aside for now. We’ll come back to it.


Step Two:
Cut your ribbon into 5.5” lengths. Then, shape the ends of them how you want them to look and use the lighter to seal the ends from fraying. Don’t hold the lighter too close or too long. I set one of mine on fire! Lol.


Step Three:
Stack your ribbons in crisscross patterns on top of one another. Make sure they all intersect in the center. This is important for the next part. I stacked the smaller width ones on top. Otherwise you won’t see them behind the bigger ones.

Once you have them all stacked together, use your needle and thread to sew a tack stitch in the center to hold them together.


Step Four:
Cut a couple of strands of your wire garland to about the same length of the ribbons. Add them to your ribbon stack and tack stitch them into your bow as well. Once you feel like everything is tacked together securely, tie the stitch off in the back and clip the needle and extra string away.


Step Five:
Going back to your tied tulle piece. Pull each of your ends around and out and up and down until you have made a shape that pleases you for the bottom of your bow. Then, using your scissors, trim off the excess length and shape it a bit.


Step Six:
Squeeze a good glob of glue on the center of your tulle piece where your string is, and place your ribbon piece in the center of the glue. Hold it together for about 30 seconds to let it bond a bit. . I didn’t get a picture of this part. Sorry.


Step Seven:
Hot glue the crystal center embellishment to the center of the bow (this will hide all of the stitching uglies).


Step Eight:
Hot glue the lined double prong alligator clip to the back center of the tulle piece.


Voila! A fantastic hair clip for your patriotic princess, and it can be customized in any colors you like!



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Tutorial: Curling Ribbon French Clip

Today I’m going to show you how to make this super fun and ultra easy curling ribbon french clip. I think these would be fun to make for party favors for a group of little girls, don’t you?

Excuse the hair in this picture lol. I chose the wrong day to braid it overnight :)

You will need:

Curling Ribbon (colors of your choice)

a French Barrette



Start by cutting 24-30 10″ pieces of curling ribbon. I suggest using approximate equal quantities of each color you are using.

Now, take the center bowed bar out of your french clip.

Start tying your pieces of curling ribbon onto your clip. Tie them so that the knotted side is up on the top side of your clip.

Continue tying and alternating colors as you see fit. I did two strands of each color and alternated blue, red, silver.

This is what the underside looks like.

This is what it should look like once you have it all tied.

My pieces were a bit long, so I trimmed them up before the next step.

Now curl each of the ribbons with your scissors by dragging the rougher or less shiny side against the blade on your scissors.

Fluff and pull the ribbons into place however you like them.

Put your center bar back into your french clip.

All done! See how easy that was?

Keep watching for more fun ideas and tutorials!  We have everything you need to make your own hairbows.  We even have tutorials on how to make a hairbow.  If you are looking for hardware or bow making supplies, we have everything in bulk for always cheap, wholesale prices.

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Patriotic Sparkler Bow!

Who wants to see how I made this fabulous 4th of July themed boutique bow?  Isn’t this just so festive?  I love patriotic and red/white/blue items, especially on little girls.

Patriotic Hairbow

I actually have some cousins with daughters (lucky ladies!) who are going to be entering a local children’s parade. They are planning on a patriotic theme for their group, so they had asked me if I could teach them how to make some cute patriotic themed bows.

So, this is for them–and of course–for you!

You will Need:

1 Boutique Bow–tutorial at this link

1 Stacker Bow–tutorial at this link

1 8CM Lined French Clip–tutorial at this link

A Few Pieces of Star Wire Garland

A Rhinestone or Center Embellishment (optional)

A Scrap Piece (maybe 6″8″ long) of 3/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon

About 12″ of String

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick (not shown)


Start by hot gluing your stacker bow to your boutique bow–center to center.

Lay your pieces of wire garland in a straight horizontal line center to your bow. Use the string to tie them to your bow nice and tight.

Now your thinking, “that is not cute” lol. That’s what this next step will take care of.

Pull your wire garland and fan it out on each side of the center string. Trim it up if you’ve made your pieces too long for your liking.

Now hot glue that scrap piece of coordinating 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon to the center of your bow like so. This piece will hide that ugly string you used in the last step.

Now flip your bow over to the backside. Take the center bar out of your lined french clip and hot glue it to the center of the back of your bow.

Wrap your 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon up and hot glue it to the french clip. Then trim the end off and run a lighter over it to heat seal it from unraveling. Do this to both ends of the ribbon.

Put the center bar back into your clip.

This is actually very cute without any center embellishments. So, you could just leave it this way.

4th of July Hairbow

Or, you can be like me, and just have to add a little more bling.

So, I hot glued the rhinestone to the center of my bow.

Voila! Done–isn’t it just adorable?

Red/White/Blue Hairbow

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And stay tuned for more tutorials and other fun posts!

Tutorial: Layered Spike Bow

I have to say, this is my favorite bow tutorial so far. I hadn’t really expected it to turn out so well, but I just love it. And now I get to teach all of you how to do it!

Layered Spike Bow

You will need:

Layered Spike Bow SuppliesRibbon pieces–measurement and qty purely depend on how big you want your bow and how many layers you’d like. I ended up with 4 layers. I didn’t use the lime green 5/8″ ribbon pictured.



A Lighter


Start by cutting your ribbon pieces down to the length that you want them. As I said above, the length you need depends totally on how you want your bow to look. My bow ended up at about 4.5″ wide. The Pink layer on bottom was cut at 5″ before trimming and sealing. Then I cut each layer a little bit smaller than the one under it. I didn’t use the lime green ribbon 5/8″ ribbon because I just thought there were enough layers without it.

Then, cut the ends how you like them to look. I like mine in V cuts. So that’s how I cut them except the 3/8″ swiss dot ribbon. I just angle cut that because it was too small.

This is how I V cut. Fold your ribbon in half, then cut from the fold down toward the corners on the end. Perfect V every time.

Now heat seal all of your ends. This takes some time, but don’t skip it unless you want your ribbon to fray. Just run a lighter really quickly over all of the V-cut ends. Don’t linger–you will start to burn the ribbon (speaking from experience :)).

Take the ribbons that will go on bottom and crease fold them in the center like this:

Still holding your first creased ribbon, do the second and third ones the same way–holding all of them tight.

Now, hold them together and wrap the string tightly around the center. Tie a knot in the string and trim loose ends. That’s your first layer!

Do this to all of your other ribbons putting them together as you see fit–no rules here.

Next, take your glue gun and glue the layers together in the center where the string is tied one by one, stacking them on top of one another.

Tie more string around the entire stack to help keep it from falling apart in some poor little girl’s hair.

Now just hot glue a small piece of coordinating 3/8″ ribbon around the center and heat seal the ends. Voila–super sweet layered spikey bow!

Layered Spike Bow**Note**This bow is the 4th piece in a 6 part series that ends in a stacked bow tutorial. The other pieces in the series are:

Step 1: Lined French Clip

Step 2: Boutique Bow

Step 3: Loopy Surrounder Bow,

Step 4: Layered Spikey Bow

Step 5: Topper Bow

Step 6: Putting it all together Stacked Bow.  If you don’t have time, or want to purchase all of the supplies, we do have a lot of hair bows for sale.  We have a huge selection of wholesale, cheap hairbows that you can purchase.