Day 11 – Snow White DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy + {GIVEAWAY!}


Snow White Inspired Costume Tutorial

(our pieces available for ages 2-5 years)

This costume is one of my very favorites. And the pieces from Always Under Pay make it fun and easy to create!


Materials Needed:

Handmade Headpiece (Tutorial Materials and Instructions Below)

Handmade Crochet Top (Tutorial Materials and Instructions Below)

Yellow Basic Tutus (we layered two for volume)

Instructions for a headband piece:

We ran out of the patriotic triflower headband that I used to create the piece on the model :( But, you can still create a similar headpiece with the following items.


Yellow Fold Over Elastic

Rolled Rosette Flowers in Red, Royal Blue, and Yellow

White Lace Flower

Pieces pulled from a Yellow Chandelle Feather Boa

Hot Glue Gun and Glue, scissors, small piece of yellow felt (about 6″ square would do it), and a needle and thread.

Step One:

Measure the elastic around the head of the child who will wear the piece and cut to length. Make sure you pull it fairly snug so that it will stay on her head later.

Now, use the needle and thread to sew a tack stitch sewing the ends together. I used a basting stitch and then a few random “x” stitches. That is the extent of my sewing skill :) This will be covered up later, so you don’t need to worry about it looking nice.


Step Two:

Hot glue your three rosettes closely together on one corner of the felt. You’ll want to keep it in the corner because it is easier to trim, and you’ll need some of the felt that is left later.

Now take your scissors and trim around the flowers underneath the petals so that the felt does not show on the top side.


Step Three:

Run a bead of hot glue about 2-1/2″ long onto your elastic headband making sure that the part you sewed together is in the middle (or at least close).

Quickly, before the glue dries to much, lay some feather pieces down onto the headband with one end in the glue.


Step Four:

Take your lace flower and run some hot glue onto the felt circle in the back. Glue the lace flower to the headband on the left side and on top of the feathers.

Now glue your rosette flower trio to right next to the lace flower and on top of the feathers and headband.


Step Five:

Cut a strip about ½” wide and 3″ long from your felt and hot glue it to the back side of the headband behind your flower pieces. This will cover up the ugly stitching and stuff. And, it will make it more comfortable for the wearer.




Instructions for a Top Piece:

Materials Needed:

Yellow 5/8” Grosgrain Ribbon (about 1 yard)

Blue 3/8” Grosgrain Ribbon (small piece, maybe 6”)

Black 8” Crochet Tube Tops (we layered two for modesty)

Gold Glitter Tulle (about 1.5 yards)

Red Tulle (about 1.5 yards)

Royal Blue Tulle (about 1.5 yards)

Blue Glitter Flower Head

Lined Single Prong Alligator Clip

Hot Glue Gun and Glue, scissors, and a stapler

Step One:

Layer your crochet tops one on top of the other making sure that the seams are in relatively the same place. Stretch them both over a piece of cardboard or, like I did, a school binder. You just need something to stretch the holes open so you can see them better.

Now, take the 5/8″ yellow grosgrain ribbon and weave it up through the holes in the center of one of your crochet tops.


Step Two:

Turn the tops inside out, clip the ends of the ribbon so that they are long enough to reach each other and overlap. Use the hot glue to glue the ends together.

*Tip*Try not to bunch the ribbon or leave any hot glue showing so as not to irritate the skin of the child that will wear it.


Step Three:

Gather all of your tulle pieces together and find the center. Now use the small bit of 3/8″ royal blue grosgrain ribbon to tie the tulle to the front center of your crochet tops.

You’ll set this top piece aside while we work on the flower piece for it now.


Step Four:

Slide the round green piece off of the back of your blue glitter flower. Once this is off, you should be able to pull the crystal piece through and be left with a stack of loose petals. Keep them together. Don’t separate them!


Step Five:

Now, holding the petals together with your fingers, slide them into the stapler. Find the center of the flower, and staple the petals together.


Step Six:

Next, take the green stem off of the crystal from your flower and glue the crystal back onto the front center of the flower.


Step Seven:

Glue the alligator clip along the staple on the back of your flower.


Step Eight:

Slide your new flower clip through the royal blue 3/8” grosgrain ribbon on your crochet top piece.



**Note** You will need to wait until the top is on the child before you can finish the sleeves. Wrap the tulle around the child’s shoulders and to the back of the top. Trim the length of the tulle as desired and then tie the tulle with some ribbon on the back of the top to keep it in place. You can make a pretty clip and put it back there like in the front too!

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Want to win this ADORABLE Snow White costume? Enter the rafflecopter contest below! One winner will be chosen on Monday, September 15th. Good luck!

CONTEST OVER! Congrats to Christine Paturzo who won our Snow White inspired Costume! :)
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Day 10 – Little Devil DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Little Devil Costume Tutorial

Let’s be honest, all of our kids have been little devils at some point :). With this costume, let that little devil shine through and put a smile on her face! Or at least yours!

This is an easy and fun costume to make with products from Always Under Pay!

(our pieces available for ages 2-6 years)


Materials Needed:

Red/Black Premium Pettiskirt

Red Tutu (Optional)

Black Tutu (Optional)

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks



For Top

8” Red Crochet Top (layer two for modesty if needed)

7/8” Black Grosgrain Ribbon(about 1 yard)

For Ears

Red Satin Lined Plastic Headband

Red Marabou Boa(can use one boa for all pieces)

Red Felt (can use one sheet for all pieces)

For Pitchfork

Balloon Stick

Red Glitter Curling Ribbon

Black 3/8″ Organza Ribbon

Red 3/8” Grosgrain Ribbon

Red Marabou Boa(can use one boa for all pieces)

Red Glitter Foam or Fabric Sheet

Chipboard or Thick Cardstock Sheet

For Tail

Red Marabou Boa(can use one boa for all pieces)

Red Felt (can use one sheet for all pieces)

Devil’s Horns Tutorial



Step One:

Freehand cut two small triangles from your cardboard pieces. It’s ok if they look a bit wonky as long as they are about the same size. You won’t notice once we’re done.

Now trace the cardboard triangle shapes onto the felt with the pen. If you use bright colors, it will show up against the felt. If you look closely, you can see the marker in the photos below.

Cut four triangle ear shapes out of the felt (two for each ear). You’ll want to cut the felt a little longer than your cardboard so we can use that bit of felt to stabilize and secure the ears to the headband later.

Step Two:

Using the hot glue gun, glue the cardboard triangles that you cut to the inside of two of your felt ear pieces. Now, hot glue the other two pieces of felt on top of the cardboard triangles sandwiching the cardboard piece in between.

**DO NOT glue the edges by your little tabs that I told you were for stability. Leave that piece open for now.

Step Three:

Bend back your two tabs to expose the cardboard inside of the ear piece. Put a good glob of hot glue along the edge of that cardboard and then stick the glue to the outside edge of the headband. Hold it there for about 30 seconds to let it dry before you repeat this with the other ear.


Step Four:

Now, trim off any excess felt that is too long to fold under the inside of the headband. Then, put a bead of hot glue on the inside edge of the headband where you will be securing your ears. Fold one felt piece over that glue and hold in place for about 30 seconds. Then, fold your second piece on top of that, adding more glue if necessary to adhere it.

Step Five:

Trim a piece of the marabou boa about long enough to go around one felt ear. Glue the felt to the ear and repeat on other side. Trim the feather pieces closer to your felt as needed. I also glued a small strip of boa between the ears as well.


Devil’s Top Tutorial

Thread your 7/8” black grosgrain ribbon through the holes in the center top of your crochet top. This will serve as a neck tie. Trim to the length you prefer, then heat seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter so they won’t fray.


Devil’s Pitchfork Tutorial



Step One:

Go to this webpage here and save the image of the pitchfork to your computer. Then, import it into a Word document, size as needed, and print it.

Step Two:

Cut the pitchfork shape out of the printed paper that you have and trace it onto your chipboard piece. Cut the pitchfork outline out of the chipboard. Then use the pitchfork template to cut out two red glitter pitchforks from your glitter material (I ripped my paper template, so I used the chipboard pitchfork to make my glitter ones).

Step Three:

Glue the backside of one of you red glitter pitchforks to your chipboard shape. I would suggest you start with the forks at the top, then do the straight pieces below the forks, and last the bottom rounder piece.

Then, turn it over and glue the other glitter piece onto the chipboard as well.


**Note**You can glue the bottom stem of your chipboard piece to ONE of the red glitter pieces, but do not glue it to both. This is where you need to stick your balloon stick in later.**

At this point you are going to want todo some trimming. Your front and back sides of the pitchfork are not going to match up perfectly. Trim around the edges with your scissors for a more uniform look.

Step Four:

Cut a small bit of 3/8” red grosgrain ribbon and hot glue it to the bottom end of your balloon stick.


Step Five:

Take your length of 3/8” red grosgrain ribbon and glue one at a slight angle on top of that small piece that you just glued on the end of the balloon stick.

Now start twisting that ribbon up and tightly wrapping it against the balloon stick. Use a bead of hot glue every few inches or so to secure it in place and keep it from unraveling. When you get to the end of the stick, just clip the ribbon and glue it down. This end doesn’t need to be pretty :)


Step Six:

Hot glue the unfinished end of your wrapped balloon stick inside of the stem on the pitchfork piece.


Step Seven:

Hot glue long pieces of the red glitter curling ribbon and the 3/8” organza ribbon to the outside of the stem. I glued three pieces to each side of the stem.

Then, add some more hot glue and glue a piece of marabou boa over the ribbons to cover up all of the glue and unfinished edges on the stem.


Devil’s Tail Tutorial

Free hand cut two large triangles from your red felt. I folded my felt in half and cut them both at once so they would match up perfectly.

Hot glue the end of the remaining piece of red marabou boa between the two triangles. Trim any loose feathers that are sticking out with the scissors, and trim boa to length as needed.


Yay! All done. I know that was a long tutorial. Phew! If your still with me, thanks for sticking it out! But I do think that this costume was totally worth it. It is so adorable and unique. Just like your little one!

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Day 9 – Angel DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Angel Costume Tutorial

Let’s be honest, all of our kids have been little devils at some point :). With this costume, let that Angel in your babies shine through!

And we make it easy with product from Always Under Pay!

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

Materials Needed:

White Leotard with Straps or White Leotard

Gold Glitter Headband

For Tutu:

White 5 Layer Tutu

White Daisy Flower Clip

Iridescent White Curling Ribbon

For Angel Wings:

White Pixie Wings

Iridescent White Curling Ribbon

4 White Marabou Boas

Angel Wings Tutorial:

Materials Needed:

(Plus Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, and Scissors)



Step One:

Using your glue gun, run a short bead of hot glue around the outside edge of the wing wire. Clip any cord that is showing on the ends of the marabou boa, then stick that end to the glue and start pressing the boa into the hot glue along the inside cord of the boa.

You are going to keep doing this in short length increments (about 6” at a time) until you have the full outline of the wing wires covered with marabou boa.

Step Two:

Now, you are going to flip the wings over and do the same thing with the backside too. It is tedious work, but it is so worth the affect!

**Note, because the wings are netting, the hot glue will seep through to the other side of the wing and burn your fingers (Yep, I learned that the very hard way!). Wear gloves or consider using a low temperature glue gun.**

Step Three:

Clip some pieces of the iridescent white curling ribbon off of the roll. I just did three pieces about 8” in length. I liked the way they curled on their own, but feel free to use some scissors to curl them a bit more.


angel5Step Four:

Squeeze a good glob of hot glue in the center of the back of your wings. Then, stick the ends of your curling ribbon pieces in the glue.

Step Five:

Now, take your daisy flower clip and open it up. Squirt some hot glue inside the clip.


Step Six:

Now, slide that clip with the daisy side out right over the top of the curling ribbon glue mess you’ve made on the center of the wings. Makes it all pretty!



Angel Tutu Tutorial

(Plus Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, and Scissors)

Materials Needed:

Step One:

Clip some pieces of the iridescent white curling ribbon off of the roll. I just did three pieces about 8” in length. I liked the way they curled on their own, but feel free to use some scissors to curl them a bit more. (Notice how this step sounds familiar? Lol)

Step Two:

Squeeze a good glob of hot glue in the center front of your tutu. Then, stick the ends of your curling ribbon pieces in the glue.

Step Three:

Now, take your daisy flower clip and open it up. Squirt some hot glue inside the clip.


Step Four:

Now, slide that clip with the daisy side out right over the top of the curling ribbon and glue on the center front of your tutu.


Step Five:

This is really optional, but I thought that the clip looked like it might irritate your little Angel’s belly. So, I just quickly hot glued a small strip of white felt on the inside clip piece to avoid irritation.

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Day 8 – Ghost DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy


Ghost Costume Tutorial

This costume is a really cute way to do traditional Halloween with your little girl. And we make it easy with product from Always Under Pay!

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

Materials Needed:

White Leotard

White 5 Layer Tutu

Black Chevron Leg Warmers with Chiffon Ruffles

2 Black/White Dot Boutique Bows

For Top:

I don’t have photos for this tutorial, but it isn’t too hard to describe.

I downloaded the free happy girl ghost face template here. Then sized the template to what I needed to fit the leotard and printed a template on just regular copy printing paper.

Then I cut the eye and mouth pieces out of the paper and used them as a template to cut the face pieces out of the black felt.

Then, I just used the hot glue gun to attach the black face pieces to my leotard. Easy peasy!

We hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial and please come back to see more of our 31 days of Halloween costume tutorials!

Come and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!


Day 7 – Cheerleader DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial Cheap Easy

HalloCostumeD7Cheerleader DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial – Cheap and Easy

(our pieces available for ages 2-9 years)

This costume is one of my very favorites. Of course, my favorite colors were always red and white. So, it’s no wonder :) And, with pieces from Always Under Pay , it was a fun and easy DIY project!


Materials Needed:

Red/White 5 Layer Tutu

White Leotard

2 Red Boutique Bows

Red Felt

Instructions for Top:

I just googled University of Utah logo, picked one, saved it to my computer, imported it to a Word document, sized it how I needed, then printed it on plain white copy paper to make a template of sorts.

Then I cut the logo out and pinned it to my felt like so:


Once you have your letter template pinned to your felt, cut use some sharp scissors to cut along the edges of your template. Once you are finished, remove the pins and separate the template from your felt like this.

Now, use your hot glue gun to adhere your felt letter to the center front of your leotard. It is easiest to do this my applying the hot glue to the back of the felt letter and then pressing the letter to the leoarts. Make sure you get good glue coverage, especially on the edges of the letter. And be careful not to burn yourself!

All done! Wasn’t that easy?! Now just dress your cutie in all the pieces, and your off!  Of course you could do this with any team colors (you could layer a couple of our basic tutus if needed).

Come and checkout some of the other great tutorials at Always Under Pay!


Pink Tutus

Spotlight: Pink Tutus

Pink Tutus

We’re going to spotlight one of our favorite product on the blog—tutus! Who doesn’t love a tutu? They are so fun, frilly, and girly! And, the best part is, ours are low cost and great quality.  Always wholesale, cheap prices.

We have a wide variety of colors available, but we’re going to start off with pink tutus, because let’s face it, pink is the most popular color for girls.  We have a few different variations on pink tutus.

Let’s start off with the three layer ballet tutus. These are the most popular and economical of our pink tutus. These are three layers of beautiful, fluffy tulle. The regular tutus are $2.89 and ribbon lined are just $3.29 each. What a steal!  And, at that low cost, they are perfect for birthday parties, ballet and dance recitals and other performances, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or just for fun!  Just think of all the fun the girls would have at a birthday party.  These would make terrific party favors.

We have neon pink, dark pink, light pink, neon pink with light pink ribbon lining, neon pink with zebra ribbon lining, and dark pink with purple ribbon lining.

There are also three layer glitter tutus available in pink while supplies last. These are on clearance for just $2.99 each, so get them while you can! The pink variations available are hot pink with black glitter hearts,  light pink with hot pink glitter hearts, light pink with light pink glitter hearts, and light pink with hot pink glitter dots.

In the 5-layer tutus, we have neon pink, dark pink and light pink. These tutus are super full and fluffy for that extra bit of girly glam. At just $4.49 each, the full look these provide is well worth it.

We also have older girl/adult tutus available. These tutus are for girls 8+ years. The waist stretches from 17”-34” around, so an adult could easily wear them as well. We have a lot of people order these for color runs, breast cancer awareness events, charity walks, parades, and bachelorette parties. These are very affordable at $3.99 for the regular and $4.49 for the ribbon lined style.

The older girl tutus available in pink are: light pink, light pink ribbon lined, neon pink, neon pink ribbon lined, and  dark pink.

A little tip for solid color tutus without ribbon or sequin trims in the 3 layer, 5 layer, and older girl—these can be cut down with a rotary fabric blade if they are too long for your needs. They can also be layered with other colors for a fun look.

Next up, is our super fun and fancy sequin lined pink tutus. These are just beautiful quality tutus that look great up on stage for dance recitals. They pair wonderfully with our strappy heaven leotards and are available in light pink and hot pink, and our cost is just $7.99!

We also have a variety of tutu dresses and other tutus available in pink. All of your pink tutu needs can be found here on the pink tutus page of our website.  Which pink tutu is your favorite?

Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for our next tutu spotlight!

Pixie Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings

Just $1.89 Each!

Fairy Wings

It is getting close to that time of year when all of the little ghosts and gobblins start planning out their Halloween costumes.  We sell more fairy wings in September and October than the rest of the year combined it seems like.  Our princess wings are definitely very popular especially for the little munchkins and their moms.  The kids love them because they can dress up like Tink and pretend to fly around to be oh so happy.  The moms love our wings for the quality as well as for the price.  I mean, less than $2 for wings?  That should make not only mom, but dad elated too.  Sometimes it is the little things in life, like getting a fantastic deal on your Halloween outfit.

Don’t forget to add one of our tutus!  Did you know that we have tutus for less than $3?  I know, it’s pretty crazy and the tulle they are made from is so soft and just great quality.  So take a minute to look around and you just might be able to create a fun Halloween costume for less than $7.

Thank you,

Your Affordable Halloween Costume Store!

Crochet Tube Top Sets

Crochet Tube Tops Sets

Just $4.99 Per Set

Tube Top For Tutus

We love these halter top tutu tops.  They are made with 2 of our 8″ crochet tops, some coordinating polka dot grosgrain ribbon and a hair flower.  The hair flower that you see at the top is interchangeable.  It is attached to a single prong alligator clip, so you can move it around, put it in your hair, or wherever it suits you best.  We chose to use 2 8″ crochet headbands so that the halter top was more modest.  Having two colors makes it not so see through.

These are really fun paired up with one of our tutus or pettiskirts for playing dress-up.  We have seen some of these used to help complete a Halloween costume.  For instance, you could use the red and black with a black pettiskirt or tutu to help create a cheap, inexpensive Lady Bug Halloween costume.  Just make some ears out of one of our satin lined plasic headband and you are good to go!

Let us know if you need help with your Halloween Costume planning or have any questions on our cute crochet tube tops!

Thank you,



Girls White and Pink Lace Dresses

Girls white and pink lace dresses!

$7-$11 Each!

Cotton Pink and White Lace Dress

These girl and doll outfits are do darling.  Little girls absolutely love to dress up like their dollies.  This dress comes with a matching darling headband and faux crystal pearls too.  It is really an entire outfit.  You can buy a dress for an 18″ doll for $7.00 and then the matching girls dress for $11.00.   It is such a great price, you really can’t beat it.  Now your daughter can take her doll on a picnic in the park and be matching.  It is so fun and festive for girls to play dressup.  Do you have a girl that owns an 18 inch doll?  If so, be sure to check out our selection of doll outfits.  The selection is HUGE!

Thank you,

Halloween Tutu Skirt

We have a new style of tutus in stock.

We call these shredded tutus.

Just $8.75 each!

Halloween Tutu

Have you been searching for just the right thing for some fun Halloween pictures?  Or how about just a fun tutu for dance class?  We call these tutus our shredded tutus since it isn’t just one big piece of tulle material this time.  Don’t you just love the spider and cob web fabric selection?

When our daughter was in dance class, I loved having tutus just especially for each holiday.  It was a really fun way to show my little girl that I cared.  All the girls would ooh and aww over her fun tutus.  Now, you can have some fun, holiday themed skirts for ballet, dance, dress up, Halloween and more!

This Halloween skirt also comes in one for the 4th of July, and a zebra/hot pink style too.

Orange, black, white, spiders, cob webs, it just doesn’t get much more festive for dance class than that!  Don’t forget this would make a fun prop for a Halloween photo shoot or even a Halloween costume!

See you at our store!