New Boys Baseball Diaper Covers and Leg Warmer Sets

New Boys Baseball Diaper Covers and Leg Warmer Sets Cheap!

Baseball Gift Set

You asked, and we delivered.  We have been asked to increase our boy selection for awhile now.  We have been busy creating and making some boy items for you to choose from.  Don’t you just love these new baseball bloomer and leg warmer sets?  Looking for that perfect gift for the little slugger in your life?  These are cute, affordable and adorable. Our cheap, wholesale pricing makes it so you can afford to splurge and buy more than one set!  The bum says “All Star” with the appearance of the baseball red laces on it.  Thanks for taking the time to look at our new boy diaper cover sets.

Boys Basketball Gift Sets (Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers)

New Boys Basketball Gift Sets (Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers)

basketball diaper cover

Basketball season is coming up soon.  Make sure your little tike is dressed for the occasion!  Our new basketball diaper covers and leg warmers are sure to be a big hit for your biggest fan!  Our wholesale, cheap pricing makes dressing up your little one affordable and adorable.  The bum of the diaper cover looks like the seams of the basketballs.  The seams go up the legs on the orange diaper covers as well.

New Football Gift Sets For Boys (Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers)

New Football Gift Sets For Boys (Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers)

Football Diaper Covers and Leg Warmers For Boys

Football season is here.  So are our new football boy diaper covers and leg warmers.  You can purchase them individually or in a set that is perfect for gift giving.  Our new boy products are simply adorable.  The bum of the diaper cover is made to look like a football with white laces on the bum of the brown diaper cover.  The leg warmers have white laces going up them to also look like a football.

We have a huge selection of new boy diaper covers and leg warmers, come take a look. Our boy bloomers are just so adorable, and we think you’ll love them too!  They are cute and affordable with our cheap, wholesale pricing.

New Chevron Diaper Covers Bloomers

Wholesale Diaper Covers Bloomers

Chevron Just $4.29 Each!

Chevron Diaper Covers

There are 2 things I really love right now.  The first one are diaper covers and the second is all things chevron.  You put the two together and man do you have a winning combination!  These chevron bloomers are so stinkin cute.  We even have crib shoes, bows and headbands to match!  It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Our cotton and chiffon diaper covers in the chevron print currently come in hot pink, light pink, aqua, green, and black.  Don’t you just love the cute ruffled bottoms?  Ruffles sure to make me happy!

The bloomers look darling just by themselves for some cute photo opportunities or paired under a dress or pettiskirt.  It’s nice to cover up those ugly diapers and make your daughter look in style all the time.  They are washable but are made of cotton so please expect some shrinkage.  I would also recommend hand washing these to make sure they don’t get damaged.

Whether this is for a newborn, infant or a toddler our baby diaper covers are sure to please!

If you have any questions, please give us a call!  801-805-6667.

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Lace Diaper Covers Bloomers

Lace Diaper Covers and Bloomers

Whether you call these diaper covers or bloomers they are super darling.  The lace ruffles add just such a sweet touch.  Our wholesale, cheap pricing makes these very affordable.  Make your daughter feel like a princess today.

Lace Diaper Covers

At the time of this post, they are just $4 each!  These are very cute for photo shoots with your newborn.  Also, just slip them on over a diaper to cover the diaper under a dress or skirt, especially when it is too hot outside to wear tights.

These come in newborn, infant, baby, babies and toddler sizes.  The frilly lace bums come in red, hot pink, light pink, aqua, lavender, black and white.  Great to use before potty training.  Just makes little girls look just so much like a little princess.

Diaper Covers

Oh, how I wish I had really known about diaper covers when my daughter was a baby.  It almost seems like girl accessories have just gotten cuter and cuter with time.  We have a really great selection of diaper covers for your little infant and princess.  This blog post is going to talk about the ones we call diaper covers on our site.  They are a cotton bloomer with chiffon ruffles.  They really just don’t get much cuter than that.  At the time of this posting the cost is just $3.69 each!  There are some brand name companies selling the exact same ones, made in the exact same factory for about $20 each!  Our wholesale to public pricing makes these some cheap priced diaper covers.

Here is a photo of a darling baby showing off a light pink bloomer.  Isn’t she just precious?  This should also give you a great idea on some photo shoots for your newborn.  Pair it with a fairy wing and she will be the talk of your friends and family!

Light Pink Diaper Cover

We have manufactured just about every color of bloomer just so that you can have the perfect diaper cover to go with any outfit or holiday.  They come in red, pink, hot pink, light pink, lime green, lavender, brown, black, white (great for christenings and baby blessings under their beautiful dresses), in solid colors.  We also have a lot of great color combinations, and also animal prints such as zebra and leopard.


Diaper covers are a must when your little girl or baby is wearing a dress.  Make sure that you get a diaper cover to cover up those ugly white diapers.  Especially if you are going to be taking photos.  Diaper covers add just that touch of elegance and class as well.  We have some vintage lace diaper covers that are just to die for!