Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Tutorial

Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Tutorial

Finished Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Tutorial
Materials Needed:
Satin Flowers with Felt Backs
Grosgrain Ribbon
Flip Flops
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick
Lighter (not shown)

Materials Braided Ribbon Flip Flops

Step One:

Measure the length of the straps on your flip flops. Cut 8 strands of ribbon 4 times the length of your straps plus 4”. Mine were 6.25”, so my ribbon ended up at about 29” in length. You will need 4 strands for each flip flop—2 strands for each side.

Using your lighter, light it and quickly run it across the starting ends of each strand. This will seal the ends of your ribbon from unraveling. I didn’t have a lighter, so we’re pretending I did this J

Step Two:

Using the ribbon with the end that has been sealed with the lighter, hot glue a loop in one end of each of your ribbons, careful not to burn yourself. It doesn’t really matter which side of the ribbon you put the loop on, even if it is patterned on one side. Because both sides will end up showing.


Step Three:

Each side of your flip flop will need two strands of ribbon. Slip the loop of one of your ribbons through the loop on the other with the glued edge on the bottom of both.


Step Four:

Bring the ribbon strand on the right and make a loop as shown below. Slip the loop through the loop that belongs to the same strand. This is the only time you are going to loop into a loop of the same strand. I hope that makes sense.

Step Four Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Collage

Step Five:

Now bring a loop up with the opposite strand and loop it through your previous loop (in this case, loop the yellow through the pink loop that you just made in the last step).


Step Six:

Continue to push loops through loops of the opposite strand. You will need to tighten the loops as you go to avoid a loose braid.


Step Seven:

Keep measuring your braid strand against the length of your flip flops. When it is at the length you need, pull both ribbon strands all the way through their last loops as shown below.


Step Eight:

Next, cut the strands to a short length that can be wrapped to the back of your braid and hot glued. Using your lighter again, seal these two short ends. Then glue them to the back of your braid strand to hide them.

Step Eight Braided Ribbon Flip Flops Collage


Step Nine:

Repeat all of the above steps to make a second strand. Then hot glue them to your flip flop straps.


Step Ten:

You could just leave them like that. They are pretty cute. But, I wanted a flower.

Using your hot glue, glue the felt backed satin flower to the spot in front where your two braided strands meet.

Finished Braided Ribbon Flip Flops

How fun are these things?! They would be great for girl’s camp, sleepovers, or to show your school spirit. They can be made in a wide variety of color combos and with different embellishments and such. So much fun!  It is a cheap and easy way to have a girls camp or a birthday party activity.  Would make a great birthday party favor.

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