How to Make a Stacked Bow

This tutorial is going to make use of all those other bow tutorials I’ve been teaching you with the last couple of weeks! We’re going to put all of those pieces together to make this nice big stacked bow!

Of course, if you don’t like it this big, you can leave any part of it out that you like. I just like a nice big bow.

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You will need:

**Note** For a complete list of items needed to make the pieces of this stacked bow, click on the highlighted links on the piece name. That will take you to an older post of how to make the piece you are clicking on.

1 Boutique Bow (minus the finishing ribbon and clip)

1 Loopy Surrounder Bow

1 Layered Spike Bow (minus the finishing ribbon and clip)

1 Topper Bow (minus the finishing ribbon)

Lined French Clip (or you can leave it unlined, whatever you prefer)

1 Scrap Piece of Coordinating Ribbon


Lighter (not shown)

Glue Gun and Sticks (not shown)


Start by putting a good dab of hot glue on the back of your loopy surrounder bow.

Now glue it to your boutique bow as shown below. Or sideways if you like. It’s totally up to you. Careful not to burn yourself!

Make sure you put some pressure on the spot with the glue and give it a minute or so to dry before moving onto the next step. We need this thing to be sturdy!

Next, using a good fair amount of glue in the center (because this piece is pretty bulky), hot glue your layered spikey bow on top of the loopy surrounder bow.

Again, put some pressure on it with your fingers and hold for a minute or so.

You could stop here and finish off. But, since this is a stacked bow, and I need to use those pieces you’ve learned to make, let’s hot glue that topper bow in the center of your layered spike bow.

Looking cute! Now for finishing up!

Take your scrap ribbon piece and tie a knot in the center. Or you can just leave it straight if you like. Glue the lengthwise center of that piece to the vertical center of your bow.

Now take the bar out of the center of your french clip and hot glue it to the back of your bow.

Take the tails on that scrap piece of ribbon and wrap them around the back of your bow.

Hot glue the ends to the underside of your french clip. Trim the ends off and heat seal with your lighter.

*TIP* Use your lighter to burn off any flyaway glue pieces. Just run it lightly and quickly  over them–don’t linger or you’ll burn the ribbon or your hand!

Now you can put the bar back into your french clip and we’re done!

Don’t you just love it? Your turn! Give it a go. It isn’t as hard as it looks.  Don’t forget, this would look absolutely darling slipped through a crochet headbandBaby headbands are just getting so fun, aren’t they?

How to Make A Topper Bow

Today I am going to teach you to make this cute topper bow. I’m calling it a topper bow because people use them to put on top of a stacked bow (which I will be doing a tutorial for soon). But, you can also use them on their own. I think they are really cute for small babies on a soft lace headband. Or even on snap clips or little barrettes for your girls.

Topper Boutique Bow

You will need:

A piece of ribbon (this one is 7/8″ wide by about 22 ” long–but I probably only needed about 15″ or so)


String or thread (I think this is crochet thread)


Take the right end of your grosgrain ribbon and loop it up over the tail, then twist it at a right angle and come back down onto your ribbon tail. Sound confusing? Hope this picture helps :)

Adjust the loop to whatever size you think you will need. I think each of my loops ended up being about 1.5″ in diameter. I needed it to go on top of a 4.5″ bow, so I want it to be somewhere around 3″-3.5″ across.

Now take the left tail of your ribbon and bring it down under the ribbon strip. Twist and lay the tail right up next to the other one like so:

Play around with it, get the loops about the same size. Once you are happy with the size of your bow, lift it all up, careful to hold it in place. Then scrunch the center of the bow together with an accordion-like fold.

I had to do this part about 12 times before it turned out right, so be patient and just keep trying til it works :)

Wrap the string around the center of your bow tightly securing it together. Once you have what you think is enough to keep it together, tie a knot to keep it that way.

Trim off the excess string and ribbon and shape the ends of your bow the way you want them. You will need to heat seal them to keep them from fraying. I didn’t do that for the purposes of this tutorial because I didn’t have a lighter handy. But, you will be sorry if you skip that step, trust me.

If you are using this for a topper on a stacked bow–you are done. If you like this bow on it’s own and want to finish it to put on a clip, headband, or any other little accessory, go ahead and hot glue a piece of 3/8″ coordinating ribbon around the center to finish the bow. Then you can attach it to whatever accessory you like. Easy peasy!

**Note**This bow is the 5th piece in a 6 part series that ends in a stacked bow tutorial. The other pieces in the series are:

Step 1: Lined French Clip

Step 2: Boutique Bow

Step 3: Loopy Surrounder Bow,

Step 4: Layered Spikey Bow

Step 5: Topper Bow

Step 6: Putting it all together Stacked Bow

Thank you for stopping by to look at this tutorial today. And stay tuned for the stacked bow tutorial that combines several of these bow tutorials!  It will be published on the 18th of May!!

Don’t forget that these look darling attached to an alligator clip and slipped through a crochet headbandBaby Headbands have never looked cuter!

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Tutorial: Loopy Surrounder Bow

**Note**Just so you know, before I get started with this tutorial, this will be a part of a 5 post tutorial series ending with a stacked bow using 4 different bows all secured together. I’m telling you this for this one because it looks a little silly on it’s own. Although, if you were to add embellishments, it could be pretty cute, depending on how big it is. Anyway–let’s get this party started!

Today I’m going to teach you to make this loopy surrounder bow. The loops on this bow are meant to surround another bow from behind just for a bit of added interest.

You will need:

2 Strips of 3/8″ ribbon (mine are about 13″ long, but cut them longer than you think you need just in case. I almost didn’t have enough.)

Ruler (for measuring the diameter of your loops)


Hot Glue Gun and Stick (not pictured)


Start by measuring the bow that you are going to use this as a surrounder for (if that is what you are using it for :)). My bow was about 4.5″ wide. So, I want my surrounder to be about 5″ wide. That means my loops need to be about 2.5″ in diameter each.

Now, take your ribbon and bring it up and twist it around to make a loop on the right end of your ribbon piece. Like this:

Measure the loop to make sure that you have about the right diameter that you need adjusting your ribbon out or in until you have it just right.

When you are comfortable with the size of your loop, use your hot glue gun to glue it in place.

Now do the same thing on the left end of your ribbon strip. You can probably just eye this one out and approximate the size of your loop to match your other one.

Trim off the ends and heat seal them with a lighter when you are done to keep it from fraying–you will be sorry if you skip the heat sealing step. Your ribbon can fray and unravel leaving you with a messy unfinished looking bow. I didn’t do it for the purposes of this tutorial because I didn’t have one on hand, but rest assure, it will be done before I use this piece.

Make another one. Again, you can just approximate the size based on your other side now.

Once you have two of them, hot glue them together in the center.

Here is the view from the front:

And the back view:

I think if you made it just a bit smaller and put a shamrock button or something in the center, it would be a way cute little hair clip all on it’s won as well

**Note**This bow is the 3rd piece in a 6 part series that ends in a stacked bow tutorial. The other pieces in the series are:

Step 1: Lined French Clip

Step 2: Boutique Bow

Step 3: Loopy Surrounder Bow,

Step 4: Layered Spikey Bow

Step 5: Topper Bow

Step 6: Putting it all together Stacked Bow.

Thanks for stopping by–and check back over the next week or so to see the stacker bow all put together! It’s super cute and fun!

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Tutorial: How to Make a Boutique Bow

Today’s tutorial is on how to make a boutique bow. I used to be pretty intimidated by these bows. I thought they looked hard, but they are actually pretty darn easy, so I’m excited to share that with you today!

Boutique Bow

You will need:

Boutique Bow SuppliesAbout a 30″ Length of 1.5″ Grosgrain Ribbon

A Small Scrap of 3/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon

 Lined Alligator Clips

Some String


A Lighter

Glue Gun and Glue Stick (not pictured)


Start by laying your ribbon out horizontally flat in front of you. Then take one end of the ribbon and make a loop by pulling the end up and around the flat ribbon.

Now take the other end of ribbon and make a second loop on the other side like this:

Next, bring up that longer piece on the right in the above picture and make another loop that curls under. This part is a bit tricky–you need to tuck the tail of this loop under the tail on the first loop. I hope that makes sense because I couldn’t really get a good photo to illustrate. I did try though.

Below is a picture of the backside of the bow at this point.

Now bring the tail back up and make your last loop curving the tail up through the center of the bow.

Next smoosh the center of your bow together sort of like an accordian.

Wrap the string tightly around the center to keep your bow from unraveling. Once you are comfortable that the bow is secure, tie a knot in the string and trim any loose ends off.

Trim up the tails on your bow. I like to cut mine into V shapes.

At this point you should heat seal the ends of the tails on your bow. Just run a lighter lightly over the V shape cuts you made to prevent the ribbon from unraveling. It doesn’t take much heat–you will see it happen. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Now glue your lined clip to the back of your bow.

Almost done. Next, glue your scrap piece of 3/8″ ribbon around the front of your bow and over the back side of your alligator clip. Trim up the ends and heat seal the 3/8″ ribbon end. Done! Super cute and easy to make bow!

Boutique Bow Tutorial

**Note**This bow is the 2nd piece in a 6 part series that ends in a stacked bow tutorial. The other pieces in the series are:

Step 1: Lined French Clip

Step 2: Boutique Bow

Step 3: Loopy Surrounder Bow,

Step 4: Layered Spikey Bow

Step 5: Topper Bow

Step 6: Putting it all together Stacked Bow

Thank you for taking a look at our hairbow tutorial, directions and patterns.  They are free for you to use.  Our online tutorials are to help you make cheer bows for cheerleaders and cheerleading.  They are also great for little girls.  Making bows is fun and the possibilities are endless.  Come look at our shop to purchase grosgrain ribbon for your hairbows, or to look at our hair bows that are for sale.

Tutorial: Layered Spike Bow

I have to say, this is my favorite bow tutorial so far. I hadn’t really expected it to turn out so well, but I just love it. And now I get to teach all of you how to do it!

Layered Spike Bow

You will need:

Layered Spike Bow SuppliesRibbon pieces–measurement and qty purely depend on how big you want your bow and how many layers you’d like. I ended up with 4 layers. I didn’t use the lime green 5/8″ ribbon pictured.



A Lighter


Start by cutting your ribbon pieces down to the length that you want them. As I said above, the length you need depends totally on how you want your bow to look. My bow ended up at about 4.5″ wide. The Pink layer on bottom was cut at 5″ before trimming and sealing. Then I cut each layer a little bit smaller than the one under it. I didn’t use the lime green ribbon 5/8″ ribbon because I just thought there were enough layers without it.

Then, cut the ends how you like them to look. I like mine in V cuts. So that’s how I cut them except the 3/8″ swiss dot ribbon. I just angle cut that because it was too small.

This is how I V cut. Fold your ribbon in half, then cut from the fold down toward the corners on the end. Perfect V every time.

Now heat seal all of your ends. This takes some time, but don’t skip it unless you want your ribbon to fray. Just run a lighter really quickly over all of the V-cut ends. Don’t linger–you will start to burn the ribbon (speaking from experience :)).

Take the ribbons that will go on bottom and crease fold them in the center like this:

Still holding your first creased ribbon, do the second and third ones the same way–holding all of them tight.

Now, hold them together and wrap the string tightly around the center. Tie a knot in the string and trim loose ends. That’s your first layer!

Do this to all of your other ribbons putting them together as you see fit–no rules here.

Next, take your glue gun and glue the layers together in the center where the string is tied one by one, stacking them on top of one another.

Tie more string around the entire stack to help keep it from falling apart in some poor little girl’s hair.

Now just hot glue a small piece of coordinating 3/8″ ribbon around the center and heat seal the ends. Voila–super sweet layered spikey bow!

Layered Spike Bow**Note**This bow is the 4th piece in a 6 part series that ends in a stacked bow tutorial. The other pieces in the series are:

Step 1: Lined French Clip

Step 2: Boutique Bow

Step 3: Loopy Surrounder Bow,

Step 4: Layered Spikey Bow

Step 5: Topper Bow

Step 6: Putting it all together Stacked Bow.  If you don’t have time, or want to purchase all of the supplies, we do have a lot of hair bows for sale.  We have a huge selection of wholesale, cheap hairbows that you can purchase.

Tutorial: How to Line a French Clip

How to line a French ClipI never knew how to do this, and honestly never thought of doing it. But my niece had a bow with a lined french clip in her hair the other day that just seemed like it looked a lot more ‘finished’ than an exposed one.

So I decided to find out how to do it. And today I pass that knowledge onto you!

You will need:

How to line a french clip suppliesFrench Clip (this one is 8 CM, or 80MM)

3/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon Piece (this one is about 8″ in length)


Glue Gun and Sticks (not pictured)

Lighter (not pictured)


Start by taking the center bar out of your clip being careful not to bend it like I did :)

Now place a dab of hot glue on the inside of one end on your clip. It doesn’t really matter which end.

Stick one end of your ribbon in on top of the hot glue pretty side up. This actually may be easier if you put the ribbon in first and then put the hot glue under it once you have it in position. Hindsight………….

Turn your clip over and run a bead of glue down the length of your clip.

Wrap your ribbon around the end and over the glue adhering it to the clip.

Wrap the ribbon around to the back again and under the little prongs on your clip.

Run a bead of hot glue down the length of the inside of the clip, pull the ribbon taught and press it down onto the hot glue adhering the ribbon to the clip.

Trim off any excess ribbon  and use your lighter to heat seal the ends. Just run a flame over the exposed end quickly–don’t linger or it will burn your ribbon.

Now just put your center bar back in (carefully), and voila! Wasn’t that easy? And I just think it really makes your hair bows a lot more finished and professional looking.

Thanks for visiting, and make sure to come back often for more fun ideas and tips!

How to line a French Clip

**Note**This is the 1st piece in a 6 part series that ends in a stacked bow tutorial. The other pieces in the series are:

Step 1: Lined French Clip

Step 2: Boutique Bow

Step 3: Loopy Surrounder Bow,

Step 4: Layered Spikey Bow

Step 5: Topper Bow

Step 6: Putting it all together Stacked Bow

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Clip on Bow Tie

Today’s tutorial is for a little boy! Or, it could be for a girl too, but it’s nice to have something to do for a boy for once huh?

It’s a clip on bow tie! I just love it. I think it would be so adorable for church on a baby or toddler boy!

Bow Tie

You will need:

Bow Tie Making Supplies8″ of 5/8″ Width Grosgrain

Small Piece of 3/8″ Coordinating Ribbon

A Lined Alligator Clip

Some String


Glue Gun and Glue Stick (Not pictured)

Lighter or other heat source


Start by heat sealing the ends of your ribbon. I didn’t take pictures of this part because I honestly forgot to do it. But if you don’t want the ends of your ribbon to fray, heat seal them. This can be done by placing your ribbon close to a hot light bulb or by simply running a flame from a lighter lightly against the edges. It really doesn’t take long at all. BE CAREFUL.

Now, form your ribbon into a loop by bringing one end around to meet the other. This will be the middle of the back on your little bow tie.

Bow Tie Making InstructionsHold the ribbon together, just like the above picture, and make an accordion fold in the center.

Bow Tie Step #2Still holding your tie with your fingers, wrap the string tightly around the center of the bow. When you have it secured, let go and tie a knot in the string on the backside of the tie (where the ribbon edges are showing). Trim the excess string.

Bow Tie Step #3

Next, hot glue your  lined alligator clip to the center of the back on your bow tie. Then hot glue the small bit of 3/8″ ribbon around the center of your bow and over the back of your alligator clip. This helps keep an extra hold on that clip and in a little girl’s hair if you use this for a girl’s bow.

Trim the excess on the 3/8″ ribbon piece and use your heat source one more time to seal the ends on that ribbon.

Voila! Super fun and stylish little clip on bow tie!


Finished Bow Tie