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Gathered Ribbon Rosette on Alligator Clip

Today’s tutorial is on how to make this sweet gathered ribbon rosette clip. These little things are SO ADORABLE and easy. Makes me wish I had a girl. Thank God for nieces huh?

Rose ClipYou will need:

Rosette Clip SuppliesAbout 8″ of Double Ruffle Ribbon (you can use any ribbon, but the double ruffle works REALLY well for this because it already has a little gather to it.)

5.5CM Snap Clips

Butterfly Embellishments for center of Rosette

Needle and Thread (Color shouldn’t matter. You won’t be seeing it once you are finished.)

Glue Gun and Glue Stick (not pictured)

Lighter  (not pictured)


Begin by heat sealing your ribbon. Just run a lighter over the ends really quickly–it doesn’t take much–to seal the ends so that they don’t fray. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Now you can start hand sewing a weave through your ribbon about every 1/4 of an inch. No need for exactness, just approximately.

I took my needle out at this point, it won’t be needed anymore.

Now hold one end of your ribbon and start pushing the ribbon up toward the other end like this:

Continue to push the ribbon until it is mostly gathered together like this:

Now, take both ends of your ribbon and tie them tightly together. This will force those last ends to gather up.

Clip the excess thread off of your rosette and fluff the flower out until you like how it looks.

Cute right? But we aren’t done yet! Hot glue your sweet little butterfly in the center of your rosette.

Now just hot glue the back of your rosette to the small metal part on the end of your snap clip, and done! An adorable and easy hair accessory!

Rolled Tulle Rosette on Sequin Headband (with Feathers!)

Today I am going to teach you how to make this fabulous rolled tulle rosette headband. I think this looks very 20’s flapper chic, don’t you?flappers headband

You will need:

Headband Making SuppliesTulle (I used about a yard length, and this is 6″ wide)

Sequin Headbands

Two Felt Circles (I freehand cut these at about 2″ diameter, we have some felt circles coming in though soon!)

Rhinestones or something to embellish your center

Feathers in Bulk

Fabric or craft glue (I used Fabri-Tac because it bonds well, dries fast, and is clear)


Hot Glue and Gun (not pictured)


Cut about a yard length of your tulle. Make a small knot in the end. Using your fabric or craft glue adhere the knot to the center of one of your felt circles. Sorry, my photo taking skills could use some help :)

*NOTE* Don’t use the glue gun for this. Tulle is made of a plastic like material, and it will melt.

Start twisting your tulle so you can begin wrapping it around your knotted center. I use a thin line of glue continuously around the rosette. I don’t want it coming apart.

Continue to roll until you have a nicely sized rosette.

Fabric RosetteIf you cut your felt too big and want your rosette smaller, just trim the excess off.

When you’re sure that you have it the size you like, go ahead and cut your tulle off. What to do with that end piece? Just twist it a bit and glue it to the back of your felt piece. When we are done you won’t see it.

Now the fun part! Embellishing. I was asked to use our feathers in a tutorial, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

Cut your feathers down to whatever length you think you like them at and use your hot glue and gun to adhere them to the back of your flower against the felt backing.

Now, take some scrap pieces of tulle and glue those to the back of the flower as well. I did use my glue gun for this part because it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as the pieces that show are not melted :)

That doesn’t look so cute lol. But it will.

Next, take your other felt circle and hot glue that to the back of your rosette. See, all nice and pretty lol.

Now, find the seam of the sequin headband where it is sewn together. This is where you’ll want to hot glue your rosette. Just because it will cover that up for you.

Voila! A fun and funky inexpensive hair accessory!

I made a video tutorial for Youtube on this headband that I did in black as well. You can watch that tutorial here.

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Please, leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Ribbon Wrapped Polka Dot Wreath Tutorial DIY

Tutorial – How to Make a Wreath!

With Mother’s Day coming up, we got to thinking of something that Mom might like to decorate with. I don’t know a mom that doesn’t like to decorate for the holidays. And this wreath project is pretty darn simple.

And, the best part?-We’re giving it away as a free prize! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us which of our bulk craft items you’d like to see us use in a tutorial. We will randomly draw a winner on Thursday, April 19th, and contact you for your address info.

***EDIT**WINNER CHOSEN**–we used random.org to choose our winner. There were 16 comments at the time of drawing. The lucky winner was #30–knoxtiger14! Please contact us with your address information at customerservice@alwaysunderpay.com.

You Will Need:Wreath Making Supplies

Styrofoam Wreath (this one is from the dollar store)

1 1/2″ Grosgrain Ribbon (I didn’t measure, but I would guess somewhere around 3-5 yds)

1 1/2″ Organza Ribbon

3/8″ Swiss Dot Grosgrain Ribbon (again, no measurement, but guessing 3 yds)

Unfinished Flower Heads (I chose polka dots for this one)

Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)

The amount of ribbon used will also vary depending on the size of wreath you select.  Take that into account when placing your ribbon order.


Begin by hot gluing the end of your 1-1/2″ grosgrain ribbon to the wreath at a slight angle. The ribbon wraps better and won’t bunch if you angle it slightly.  When using hot glue with styrofoam, it is best to put the glue on the ribbon first sparingly, then attach to the wreath.

Begin wrapping your ribbon securing every 4-5 wraps with a dab of hot glue to prevent accidentally unraveling.

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath TutorialContinue to wrap around the entire wreath. Secure with a good dose of hot glue at the end.

Ribbon Wrapped Styrofoam Wreath TutorialNow do the same thing with your 3/8″ swiss dots grosgrain ribbon only leave wide gaps between wrapping. This is just an accent. Again, secure with hot glue every couple of wraps and with a good size dollop at the end.

Ribbon Wrapped Styrofoam Wreath Tutorial Take some pieces of the 1 1/2″ organza and of the 3/8″ swiss dots and glue some loops randomly on one side or on the bottom of your wreath (you choose). These don’t have to look pretty. You’re going to cover most of it up with a flower (or multiple flowers if you like).

Finishing Ribbon Wrapped WreathNow just glue on your flower (or flowers) and another loop of the organza ribbon at the top for hanging, and voila–a pretty, simple, and inexpensive wreath!

How to Make WreathWe hope you enjoy this!  Let us know if you decide to try this!

Simple Double Ruffle Bow

We just got in this new double ruffle ribbon, as seen here, and it is SO super cute! We had to do a quick tutorial for this fun and easy bow just so we could play with it!

And, the best part?-We’re giving it away as a free prize! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us which of our bulk craft items you’d like to see us use in a tutorial. We will randomly draw a winner on Tuesday, April 17th, and contact you for your address info.

**EDIT**WINNER CHOSEN**–we used random.org to choose our winner. There were 16 comments at the time of drawing. The lucky winner was #6–Summer! Please contact us with your address information at customerservice@alwaysunderpay.com.

How to Make a Hair Bow Tutorial Really, it only took me about a half hour to make this, and that included taking pictures for this tutorial. Easy Peasy. And, the great thing is, you can make it as big and loopy as you want. It could have had more loops if I wanted. But I was going for simple.

You will need:

Hairbow Making SuppliesDouble Ruffle Ribbon (I used approx. 1 yd)

Lined Alligator Clip

Some spare string (embroidery floss would do–just a small piece)


Glue Gun (not pictured)


Take your ribbon and start to make loops in the size you want your ribbon to be. I cut mine off of the spool first, but if you’re not quite sure how much you’ll need, you can cut it once you’re done with your loops.

Double Ruffle RibbonContinue to make loops until you are happy with the general fullness of your bow. It doesn’t have too look quite perfect yet. You can manipulate it later.

Trim off the excess double ruffle ribbon. Squish the center of your bow together and tie a piece of string around it to hold it in place.

Trim a small piece of double ruffle ribbon to wrap around the center of your bow. Hot glue the lined alligator in place on the back. Now some of you are going to think I put this clip on backwards. but I like it this way. That way it lays flat against the little girl’s head.

You will then wrap the piece of double ruffle ribbon around the center of your bow and secure with hot glue between your clip. Trim off ends of ribbon once your are done gluing in place.

Now you can manipulate the loops on your bow and make it look pretty. All done!

Double Ruffle Hair BowEnjoy!  Be sure to leave a comment on this post and we will draw a winner!  See instructions above.  Bows for hair have never been cuter and more affordable.

Tutorial: How to Make a Headband With a Tulle Puff

Ok, so I couldn’t just let that tutu go without a matching headband, right? That would just be a crying shame! So, I’m here to teach you how to make this super easy and adorable tulle puff crochet headband. Would you just love this for your next baby headband?

Crochet Headband Puff TutorialYou Will Need:

1 ½” Crochet Headbands



Rhinestones (or other embellishment)


Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)


Cut a piece of tulle about 3” wide.  Choose a spot on your headband where you’d like the puff to be ( I suggest the seam of the headband). Tie the piece of tulle between two of the holes in the crochet making sure that the ends are on the outside of the headband when you are done.

Step 1 Headband Puff TutorialContinue to tie tulle pieces in the holes until you are happy with how full your puff is looking. It will look a little weird at first, but keep going. I didn’t like mine at first either. I ended up with about a 2” width piece of my headband full of ties.

This is what it looked like on the inside of the headband when I felt like I was done tying.

Step 3 Headband Puff TutorialFluff out your puff and shape it a bit with scissors. Looking nice, right? You could just leave it this way. Or, even just put a rhinestone in the center.

Step 4 Headband Puff TutorialI like mine with a little bit more ‘stuff’. So, I added a little bit of aqua organza 3/8” ribbon and some swiss dot lavender 3/8” ribbon before topping it off with my rhinestone.

What do you think? Isn’t it cute? And so easy!  These aren’t just great infant headbands, but for girls, toddlers and even adults!  Give it a shot today!

New Aqua Lace Baby Hat

Aqua Lace Baby Hat

New Aqua Colored Lace Baby Hats!  We have several colors of these newborn baby hats in stock.  They are so darling and look great with a diaper cover or a romper with it too.

Tutorial: How to Make a Tutu

Tutorial: How to Make a Ribbon Tie Tulle Tutu

We’ve decided as mentioned in our earlier post that we need to teach people a little something about some of the craft products we carry. There are lots of really cute things you can make relatively easily and inexpensively on your own, and we’d love to share some ideas with you.

So, today I want to show you how to make a simple ribbon tie tutu. Learning how to make a tutu is really very easy.  There are other variations on this, you can even use elastic if you have it. I love this idea because you can use any colors you want, just as puffy as you like, and really personalize your own creations.

You will need:

Tutu Making Supplies

6″ X 25 Yd Rolls of Wholesale Tulle(I used 4 rolls–Purple, Lavender, Light Green, and Turquoise–that’s a new color! I didn’t end up using the white pictured.) The amount you need will depend on the size of girl and length of tutu you are making. This was for a 7 year old girl, whose waist was about 24″, and the length is approx. 13”.  You can make just a tutu skirt with a shorter length or a tutu dress with a bit of a longer length.  Just measure against the person you wish to make this for.

Grosgrain Ribbon (I used 7/8″ Solid Purple Grosgrain)


Scrap Piece of Cardboard


Cut a piece of cardboard about the length that you would like your skirt to be, adding an extra inch for tying and fluff factor.

Wrap your tulle around the cardboard lengthwise. I just used the whole roll, so I’m not really sure how many times. But you can err on the side of caution and just do a few passes of each color at once.

Cut the tulle on one side of the cardboard. This will give you pieces twice the length of your skirt. This is good. Don’t panic. They are supposed to be that long.

Once all of your tulle is cut, you can cut your ribbon.  Use the waist of the girl you are making the tutu for as a measure. Wrap the ribbon around the waist, then add an extra couple of feet so you’ll have what you need plus enough for tying a nice bow at the end.

Measure about about a foot in (or more if you like) to your ribbon and tie a knot. This is to keep the tool from sliding off of your ribbon. This is the start of the waist on your skirt.

7/8" Grosgrain RibbonTake two pieces of tool and fold them in half creating a loop. Put the loop in back of the ribbon as pictured.

How To Tie a TutuNow take the ends of your tulle up over the ribbon and through the loop. Pull tight. The tighter you pull these knots and push them together, the fuller your skirt will be. If you don’t want it too full, pull your knots a bit looser, but tight enough to stay put.

Knotting a TutuContinue to tie knots alternating colors as you wish. I just did a four color alternating pattern, but you can do it however you like.

Tying a TutuWhen you think you have enough tulle tied on your skirt, hold it up to your recipient’s waist and make sure you are done. Then tie another knot in that end of the ribbon to hold the tulle in place.

Now you can just tie a pretty bow in the back, and you are set! Voila, easy peasy inexpensive custom made one of a kind tutu!

I love the colors of this tutu.  I think it turned out so darling, fun and Spring-y! I simply love this fluffy tutu. Making tutus for your boutique would  be much easier than you think.  If you just don’t have time to make tutus, we also carry wholesale tutus that are only $2.50 each!


Have fun creating!  Let us know what you think!

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